Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Tying Up Loose Ends

Even though I called in and quit (again) the other day I was only able to speak to my supervisors assistant. She told me my boss would call me but its been a few days so I decided to call back. Things went well. She told me my cheque would waiting at the front till in the safe on Friday so I can pick it up whenever I like and that my ROE would come in the mail to my PO Box. Fabulous!!

I still have to call my other old employer and tell them that I won't be returning. I kind of feel like she was taking advantage a little bit by trying to negotiate so much and also I don't feel comfortable signing that letter or having my doctor sign it. I'll have to call her up later this evening and tell her my decision.

I'm feeling good about starting my new job tomorrow. I have to get some paperwork in order but I'm all set for that so I am pretty excited.


J. Money said...

Congrats!!! I hope your first day goes swimmingly, and you get your money and all okay :) it's good to hear some good news these days.

Arual said...

You got a new job?? I missed something in your posts, but see that you don't want to discuss it anymore. BUT congrats on a new opportunity and hopefully this one works out. We're young and we can hop around as much as we need too. Why settle when the world is our oyster! (which by the way, I don't really understand this saying...wouldn't it be better if the world was the pearl inside of the oyster? Wouldn't it make more sense? The roungh times adding grit in order to polish the world up into a beautiful little pearl? I digress...) :)