Friday, October 10, 2008

Birthday Extravaganza Intinerary

So now that I've spilled the beans to BF who insisted on knowing what was going on before taking the day off work I guess I can share with you guys too! So here is the itinerary for what is now going to a long weekend to celebrate our birthdays. Our birthdays are two weeks apart so I planned everything for the weekend in the middle.

Saturday October 25 - Wake up and take ferry to Vancouver. Meet up with friends and hang out. That evening we'll be going to Yuk Yuk's to see Darren Frost. After that we were supposed to go back to a hotel but BF thinks we should stay at a friends we know in the area since we'll be going to the show with him anyways. I agreed since it will save money, its more practical and it gives us more time to spend with our friends.

Sunday October 26 - Wake up. BF and friend go to play in a poker tournament (BF loves poker and has been dying to play in a tournament). Dolly and friend will spend the day frolicking around having fun. Sunday night BF and I will check into a hotel and then go for a romantic dinner. I'm thinking this place but not sure yet.

Monday October 27 - Wake up late, eat a delicious breakfast and then off to be tourists. I really want to check out this movie at the Omnimax. After which we'll bum around a bit and then head back to island.

So that's the big surprise weekend. I'm glad that BF knows so that he can help pick out other things to do. I feel really good about everything that I've planned and picked out for us. It should be a great weekend.

Two weeks to go! I'm so excited. I'm also glad to be able to finally share it with everyone after all this time.


Frugal Dreamer said...

Aww - that sounds like a great weekend!! :) I love Yuk Yuk's!! And i have ALWAYS wanted to go to the revolving restaurant, if you end up going there, let me know how it is! I might plan going there for our anniversary! Hope you guys have a great time!! :)

LeighAnn said...

Please read the last post on my blog when you get a second.

Thanks girl!

Andrew said...

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Doctor S said...

Hope the extravaganza is going well! Hopefully u put up some pictures for us to witness the madness!

Dolly Iris said...

DR S -Thats next weekend my friend.

Leigh Ann -Having Paypal issues. Will do soon :)