Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!!

It's the best day of the entire year. I asked the pharmacy manager yesterday and he informed me that our chain does not allow the pharmacy team to wear costumes. Then he told me that he hates that rule and that if somebody showed up with a little bit of something on he wouldn't be upset by it, lol. So I suggested I might wear a tiara from my costume. Yay!

Or I might swing by the dollar store and get some horns. Hehehe.

I'm sad I have to work until 730pm tonight. I hope I don't miss all the trick or treaters. I can't wait to post pics of the gorgeous pumpkins we carved this year. BF surprised me with the biggest pumpkin Ive ever had.

Have a spooktacular day everyone!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Best Long Weekend Ever

BF and I returned last night from the best long weekend ever! Everything we did turned out great and the weather was amazing. It was so nice to get away for awhile and have some fun. We splurged a little but it was well worth it. I'll post a few pics soon of the amazing expedition backpack BF bought me while we were there as a late birthday gift for our trip next year to Australia. It's beautiful.

Today I've felt under the weather though. I had one of those "off" days at work where everything goes wrong. I felt clumsy, stupid and irritated, lol! To top it all of we were hosting a flu clinic so there were a million people. *sigh

I have an interview tomorrow morning at the hospital working in the kitchen. I have always toyed with the idea of opening another restaurant or maybe a catering company. I love getting in the kitchen. I'm not really a general public dealing with sort of person. So I've decided to go and see what is offered. I think its a full time casual position with a wage that is $2.33/hr more than where I am now.

An interview is just that and nothing more. I would have to think any decisions over very carefully before making a move. I'm not fond of my job now but its not horrific. Just annoying and stressful. I am mostly interested in job security right now. I need full time and I need great pay. One year to go people!!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sex and The City Marathons Ahead

Who's a lucky dolly? I am! I am! BF gave me both the Sex and the City the movie and the entire series for my birthday. I'm so excited. I've been too tired lately to watch TV after work but I see many future hours spent in front of the TV with a bowl of popcorn (air popped - healthier and cheaper).

I'm future dating this post. So as you are reading this I'm hoping I'll be having a great time with BF on the mainland.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Save Energy Save Money Part One

As promised here is the first installment of info given to me by the BC hydro company.

No Cost Options
Here is a list of things you can do at home to save energy, followed by the amount it will save you per year.

  • Turn off two 60W lights for one hour a day when not in use. $3/yr
  • Shorten your shower time by one minute. $26/yr
  • Switch off your computer when not in use. $10/yr
  • Wash clothes in cold water twice a week. $25/yr
  • Hang two loads of laundry to dry a week. $18/yr
  • Turn down the heat by 4-5 degrees at night and when not at home. $39/yr
  • Set your thermostat 1 degree Celsius lower during heating hours. $8/yr
  • Skip the heat-dry feature on your dishwasher four times a week. $6/yr
  • Set your fridge to 4 degrees Celsius if it is not at 3 degrees. $3/yr
  • Turn off a TV for one hour a day when not in use. $3/yr
  • Unplug two chargers when the devices are not charging. $6/yr
  • Get rid of an old second fridge through BC Hydro's Refridgerator Buy-Back Program (includes $#0 rebate and free pick up). $114/yr
  • Turn off a video game console when not in use. $14/yr
There you have it folks. 13 ways to cut down on your hydro bill!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Oh Happy Day!

This morning I am online doing some training for work. I realized that today was my first payday with this new job. I logged onto my bank online to see if the direct deposit was working yet and it was! I only had 32 hours on this first check because there was a holiday the week I started and so I only worked 4 days. Still, the coin is pretty good and I can't wait to see a full cheque.

The next cheque will be for 72 hours because of BF and I going away for a three day weekend starting tomorrow. So I'll have to wait for the third payday to see a full one. I'm pretty happy with the moolah though. I can't wait until next cheque when I can take a big chunk and stick it on that student loan. Yay!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Drug Store Savings Here I Come

Today I made sure to get myself registered for our companies discount card. Now I'll get 30% off for both BF and my purchases there. YAY!! The best part is I work for a large chain and can use this discount at any store as long as I provide picture ID. Love it!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Save Energy Save Money

BC Hydro has been doing a lot this last year to get people to minimize their energy consumption and I think its great. I usually get some tips from them every two months included with my bill on how to cut down my usage. They have also started a new billing system which rewards low usage. I'm really on board with this. I will do up a post on some tips and schedule it to post this weekend while I'm away! I have a few different sheets from them now so I'll do a few different ones through out the next few weeks. :)

Weekend Hurry Up and Get Here

I am soooo looking forward to this weekend. BF and I are finally going to get to go away for a few days. I've got most of the weekend planned out and I can't wait to get it started. BF is also very stoked to be getting away for a bit. He's been mentioning the need for a vacation for awhile. 3 days isn't really a holiday but its a nice break from the ordinary.

I'm also looking forward to spending time with Nathaniel. He's a good friend of mine that I've known since the days of high school. We've always kept in touch over the years but the last few years we've been closer. He wrote a very touching post about me that brightened up my morning before heading to work today.

Week 2 of work is almost over. This Friday will be a payday and I'm so happy to be expecting 32 hours on my first cheque. This job will definitely help me reach my goal of being debt free before the year is over and that is my number one goal. Once that monkey is off my back I'll feel so proud of myself. I've been in debt for so long it will be a nice feeling (or strange) to not have to pay off debt somewhere and actually put that money to good use for the future.

Once the debt is paid off I'm going to set up some more financial goals for myself. Australia and the EFund will be priority for me but I'm thinking there are a few other things I need to address as well.

Nathaniel has told me that on Sunday we can do whatever I want and he would foot the bill. I suggested maybe we could go set up an EFund for him. That would be a great gift for both of us. I want to see him set up for the future too!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Do October Babies Make Great PF Bloggers?

Lately I've been noticing a big fluctuation of birthdays flying around the blogosphere. October seems the be the big month for PF bloggers. Are Libras and Scorpios into finance? I am a Libra so I know that we definitely big into wanting to keep things balanced so it makes sense to me.

You all know its my birthday today but who else is celebrating? Here's a few that I've noticed.

Krystal from Give Me Back My Five Bucks


Leigh Ann from Save Leign Ann

If I've missed you and you are a pf blogging Libra let me know so I can add you to the October Baby Link Love!!!

Happy Birthday Ladies!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sunday Night Word Vomit

It's been so long since I've posted or been able to catch up with reading everyones blogs. *sigh. I feel so out of touch!

I've completed my first week at the pharmacy. Wow! These technicians really know their stuff. They practically do everything themselves. It's going to be a huge learning curve for me. I'm more adapted to different aspects of pharmacy like running a methadone program or blister packing for senior homes. These girls are process prescriptions, dealing with third party billing and Pharmanet. The good thing is everyone is really nice and they are happy to have me there. I've been making myself useful and trying to be a sponge. Its working so far.

I hosted a very successful thanksgiving dinner. I'll share my new favorite under skin rub with you all later. My grandfather brought me a rose he cut from the garden at the property of where his home burned down but is now in the process of being rebuilt. It was very touching.

This weekend a close friend came over to celebrate my upcoming birthday. It was nice to catch up and spend time together. We pigged out on food and chatted up a storm. Today we took a nice stroll through our teenage stomping grounds and reminisced.

Tonight I took some gifts over to my sisters new place for my niece. We share a birthday together which is actually tomorrow. I bought her the cutest play skirt that is black and lights up with all these fiber optic lights. Very cool.

I feel tired lately and a little overwhelmed. I did find the energy to make a killer turkey soup though a few days ago. Mmm, turkey soup. I wish I had tomorrow off for my birthday as I could really use the rest but I couldn't negotiate tomorrow and next Monday off so I settled for being able to take the three day weekend next week. BF and I are both excited for some time off to relax and have fun on the mainland.

I have to say I'm really not interested in pharmacy at all. After we leave for Australia I don't see myself returning to this line of work at all. I do keep my chin up though. I remind myself every day of how this job will help me realize all of my goals faster and that it offers me a lot of things I want such as friendly staff, benefits, great pay, store discounts and good working conditions.

I realize now more than ever how important this trip is to me and I'm willing to do just about anything to make it happen. That means buckling down and really striving towards my pf goals. It's time to kick this debt in the ass once and for all. I'm confident I can beat this sucker out by the end of the year working at this job and that makes it all worth it in my eyes.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Long Time No Post

Just so people know... I'm not dead. It's been a busy week with hosting Thanksgiving and then starting this new job. I have so much to tell you but right now I'm exhausted and I still have to clean up the house, plan a menu and get everything sorted for my birthday party tomorrow night. I'm having my closest, bestest friends over to wear tiaras, drink, eat and be merry. We're having a chow down, get drunk and watch movie thing. I need some down time with friends right now!

Will post soon!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Birthday Extravaganza Intinerary

So now that I've spilled the beans to BF who insisted on knowing what was going on before taking the day off work I guess I can share with you guys too! So here is the itinerary for what is now going to a long weekend to celebrate our birthdays. Our birthdays are two weeks apart so I planned everything for the weekend in the middle.

Saturday October 25 - Wake up and take ferry to Vancouver. Meet up with friends and hang out. That evening we'll be going to Yuk Yuk's to see Darren Frost. After that we were supposed to go back to a hotel but BF thinks we should stay at a friends we know in the area since we'll be going to the show with him anyways. I agreed since it will save money, its more practical and it gives us more time to spend with our friends.

Sunday October 26 - Wake up. BF and friend go to play in a poker tournament (BF loves poker and has been dying to play in a tournament). Dolly and friend will spend the day frolicking around having fun. Sunday night BF and I will check into a hotel and then go for a romantic dinner. I'm thinking this place but not sure yet.

Monday October 27 - Wake up late, eat a delicious breakfast and then off to be tourists. I really want to check out this movie at the Omnimax. After which we'll bum around a bit and then head back to island.

So that's the big surprise weekend. I'm glad that BF knows so that he can help pick out other things to do. I feel really good about everything that I've planned and picked out for us. It should be a great weekend.

Two weeks to go! I'm so excited. I'm also glad to be able to finally share it with everyone after all this time.

The Amazing $2 Costume

One of my all time favorite bloggers Arual came up with the best idea for a frugal costume this year! I ask you, readers, who can beat a $2 costume? That's what I thought!

I share with you...

The PAPER BAG PRINCESSI hopped on down the dollar store and bought myself some over sized brown bags for garden use. Then I skipped over to the kids section and picked myself up a 4 pack of tiara's. Shimmied up to the registered and handed over my $2 (plus applicable taxes of course).


Now I just need to get out some scissors to style and detail my pretty new dress.

Thanks again Arual for a wonderful idea! I love the moral behind the story as well. Amazingly cheap and fun costume.

Suzie Orman Coming to Vancouver?

I saw the end of a promotion last night stating Suzie Orman will be in Vancouver on October 21st. I'll be working then so I wouldn't be able to go. Damn it! I did a quick search and found no info online. If you live in Vancouver and are able to go you should check into this!

Dropping Like Flies

So it appears that my sister and family will not be attending our Thanksgiving feast. She is not feeling well and offered to just send my niece but she has also been sick with a cold. Since I don't want to catch anything before starting my new job I didn't think that would be best.

Earlier today my brother announced he too is sick but getting better. He wants to know if he can still come, even with his bad cough. :( I told him he should go to the clinic and find out if its contagious and to get a mask and some hand sanitizer, lol.

So the numbers are dwindling fast. Thats 4 or 5 people out of 12. Darn, should have bought a smaller bird.

My mom decided to pitch in some money towards dinner as now I'm having to pick up some things last minute due to cancellations which helps out. She requested a share of the leftovers in return. Haha! Who doesn't love a turkey sandwich (besides Arual ;)) ?

In other news I've book a new reservation and thing are looking good except the Bday Boy is being a dinkasaurus. I sent him a msg stating he had to take October 27th off for a long weekend surprise and now he says he won't do it until I tell him what's going on. I didn't want to hint to anything this early but wanted to make sure he could get the day off. How can anybody hate surprises this much? Man! He makes this difficult!

I'm about half way through cleaning but I've got some baking to do so I'd better get my arse out of this chair and get to work. It's time to git er done!

Young Folks

This song used to help me make it through the day at the crappy second hand store job.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

BF BDay Extravaganza Update

OMG!!! The place I booked with earlier gave me a strange feeling. When I shared my feelings with other people, they encouraged me to call back and speak to them again. Once I did my mind was made up. I looked around for another alternative to that plan and found it. Then I called my mom to make her aware of my plans.

I called back the original place to cancel and the woman was so rude and shady (I'll give u more details after the bday plans are revealed). Whew! I am glad I went with my guts on this one!

My mom and I will have to get together again to reserve this new idea.

Todays TCOB

On this blog I always post monthly TCOB lists. If you are wondering what that stands for its Taking Care Of Business. I got this one from the same teacher who advised us to give what we like and not what we don't to the food bank. Amazing man.

Anyhoo... my mom just left from letting me use her credit card to reserve something for BF's birthday. I've almost got everything sorted out now so I'm very very excited!!

Today I have to clean clean clean. *sigh. We're having a whole houseful coming over Saturday for the big Thanksgiving/October Birthdays Dinner. I've got all the food purchased, the gifts mostly wrapped and now I've just got to clean.

I'm dividing it into sections for today and tomorrow. Today is guest room/office (almost done), upstairs bathroom, downstairs bathroom/laundry room, kitchen and bedroom. Tomorrow I'll be doing the living room and main area upstairs. Those are fairly easy rooms to do so I can do that in between prepping and baking for the dinner. As for my personal office... I might as well close the door and put up a hazard sign. Same for the storage areas, lol.

We're not overly messy people but you all know how it is when you're expecting company. Especially when some people haven't seen the place and may expect a tour. I really don't know how we will fit all these people into the house. We need to borrow some chairs and things. I may take a love seat off somebody's hands too that is going to good will.

In other news I managed to get the day off I needed for the big BF birthday extravaganza but not my birthday. :( It's because of training scheduling so I'm trying to be a big girl about it.

So I guess I had better stop procrastinating and get to cleaning. HELP!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Tough Decisions - Passion or Money

Yesterday I had a meeting with the Pharmacy Manager/Store Owner about a potential job offer. The meeting went really well. I was fully honest, as always, about my Australia plans for next year and laid everything out on the table. We talked about my good and bad experiences in dealing with pharmacy work. I basically let it be known that for a long while I didn't think I would ever tech again but that after time I started to wonder if I should try it again at another store. I was willing to make a final effort at making all my student loans pay off and decided to do the interview.

The job is full time. For now its Monday to Friday but in the future I may have to rotate weekends which means maybe every 4th or 5th weekend. Not bad. Currently there are two part time girls who want weekends so the full time staff gets them off. Yay! The tech hours are either 9-5, 10-6 or 1-9. There are benefits after 3 months. RRSP matches after 12 months (wont apply for me cuz I'll be gone). There is a positive work environment and they will pay for some additional training for me while I'm there. Since I wont be there more than a year I wont get to take advantage of all the training but its still a good offer.

This morning he called me as promised and offered me the job. I start Tuesday the 14th (voting day) at a great wage. I was surprised by the starting wage, pleasantly surprised, which has helped me make this decision. It's also only one bus ride away which is great!

As for the other offer.. I gave the studio all my paperwork over Friday and Saturday. Then I had to return Sunday to sign some documents she had forgotten about. She said she would fax them off on Monday and call me when she had my start date. I haven't heard anything back yet.

Even though photography is something I'm really interested in I have to take into consideration that this is an opportunity I can pick up again if I really want to down the road. Right now I really need to save money and the photography job pays almost $5 less per hour. It also doesn't come with any benefits and its a way longer commute. I only have one year until the trip to Australia and there's a lot of financial pressure on my back.

So I've decided to take the pharmacy job. The only thing I forgot to mention was need for two Mondays off in the near future for birthday randomness. I've already left a message for him to call me back. If its really a problem I only need one of them off for sure. That's the weekend of the big birthday extravaganza for BF which I'm really excited for.

I'm going to have to call the studio soon. I'm going to be honest with her and tell her the circumstances and see if maybe I can still do weekends there. The studio job was only guaranteed as seasonal most likely to go permanent but I can't gamble like that. So if she would be interested in weekends that's great. If not then more time for me and BF I guess.

So that's the story morning glories!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

One Week Until Voting Time!

The advanced polls are done. I wish I had made a priority to vote during that time but it just wasn't in the cards for me. However, I definitely will be voting on October 14! Everyone has the right to vote and I personally think its a right you should exercise.

I hate hearing "my vote won't count" or "it won't make a difference" or "they're all crooks anyway" lol. These are all cop outs if you ask me.

Next week make sure you take action and vote people!

October Birthday Shopping is Done!

I really took charge this weekend and managed to purchase all the gifts and cards I needed for October. I'm in the process of getting them all wrapped up and then I'm ready to go. I really watched my dollars this time.

Brother - Dinner out/Disco Bowling (paid by BF) Card -$1
Aunt - Card -$1
Uncle - Card/Scratch and Win Tickets/Candy - $12
Niece - Card/Book/Game/Fiber Optic Lite Up Skirt/Stickers - $32
Grandpa - Planet Earth Puzzle (3 in 1)/Candy/Card - $14

Gift Wrap/Bags - $3
Total - $63.00

I went a little over with my niece (budgeted $25) but I'm really happy with everything I got her and she's really special to me. We share a birthday even!

I really lucked out having BF pay for dinner and the disco bowling we did with my brother. I wasn't expecting that at all and made sure to let him know I appreciated it.

Now I have to still have to get the Thanksgiving shopping done. I have a list though!

Thanksgiving Dinner

Turkey - better do this right away!!
Cake Mix
Whipping Cream

BF and I will have to get that done asap! I still have to do the big "family is coming over" clean up. That should be fun ;-) So far things seem to be going well with planning for the big event. My sister seems to be wavering on whether she's coming or not. It seems to be based on mood which is really pissing me off. Good thing she's only in charge of carrots and potatoes. Those are things I can easily pick up myself if she doesn't pull through. I hope she does though for the kids sake.

I'm also working on BF's birthday. It's now going to take place on the weekend in between our bdays so we can both enjoy ourselves. I've changed my original plans drastically for the better I think. I've planned a great weekend for both of us. I just have to make some reservations today and we should be all good. Once the reservation is made I have to tell him he has to take one Monday off.

Oh, and I'm also planning my own birthday. Just a few girls and one guy coming over to drink, eat and be silly. I'm keeping things low key this year because there is just so much going on already. Besides, I'm not so much into it anymore. Just a few close friends around is all I need really.

The last weekend of the month is Halloween. I have to decorate big time for that! There maybe a family game night at my house that night. Sigh... I've got my work all cut out for me.

Darn Storms!

Last night some time a huge windstorm knocked out our internet until just now. I can't believe how much I missed being able to go online, even for just a few minutes. The only thing that really peeved me off was waiting an hour to talk to somebody with my provider. Then troubleshooting with her for a half hour just for her to put me on hold to get help and find out the service is down all over town. Talk about wasting people's time!

In other news I have booked a meeting today with the Pharmacy owner. BF said because I'm already employed and am not looking for work that I should negotiate on wages. It sounds like the pharmacy really needs somebody from the information I've gathered.

Confession. I have a really hard time putting a price value on my work. This is a problem I've had for quite some time. It's really held me back from selling my jewellry at more events and markets. It's something I need to address but haven't figured out a way to tackle it yet.

The meeting is in three hours and I'm having one of "those days". Hopefully I can make it through the meeting without being a goofball. If not... I already have a job so no worries, right?

Monday, October 6, 2008

KD &The Food Bank Debate

Last week I read an interesting observation on FB's blog. She had read an article regarding KD and whether or not its a suitable food bank donation or not.

You can read FB's thoughts here.

You can read the article here.

I've decided to write my own post on this matter as I have a deep, personal relationship with the food myself.

KD and I have had a long standing relationship. As a child growing up in a single parent, low income family KD was definitely a household term and was always a staple food. My mother always had some on hand and finding a case deal on it was always a good money saver.

To give my mother credit she did try to add some nutrition to the meal by adding slices of cheese, some home canned beats and pickles on the side. I loved eating this and thought it was great. I never had a problem eating it and I considered it normal because every other kid was eating it too. I never felt poor eating it because it everyone else did it and they weren't low income like us.

Every second weekend when we visited our father he also would serve it occasionally and he was much better off than my mother. It was just the norm.

In my teen years I lived on my own a lot. Starting at age 14-15 I started renting rooms in houses because living conditions in either of my parents home were not ideal. I had very little money to get by on. I would mostly babysit and do small jobs for money. After I paid for the room I was renting it was hard to buy food. I would often buy cases of Mr.Noodles and KD. Mr.Noodles was an every day food for me, with KD being reserved for "special" occasions. During that time period of my life it really was a treat. The trick was keeping a small 250ml milk and some margarine around to make it.

Now in my life I still eat it from time to time. I actually enjoy KD. I don't know what my attraction is too it but after all these years I've become a master at making it just right. I really like trying new kids. For example, the three cheese variety is pretty good. I like KD even though BF will hardly touch it. I know its not a great nutritional source but neither are a lot of other foods these days. I can eat a whole box of the stuff in one sitting.

As for whether to give foods like this to food banks I would have to say- DON'T.

I have visited many food banks in my life and I know my mother used food banks from time to time to help us get by. In a typical food bank bag you will always find: KD, Mr.Noodle, pasta, spaghetti sauce, a can of tuna and a few other items. The ones I've listed are the most common. Then at some banks you'll get tickets to pick a few other items such as a box of crackers. Milk is usually reserved for families. (In Edmonton this was not the case, we still got the same usual things but then another 4 bags full of food. Amazing job!) Milk and butter are required to make KD.

Food banks rely on your generosity so they can help people who need it. Nobody enjoys going to a food bank. You have to give out some personal info, stand in lines and its not that comfortable. If you are able to give, think about what you would like to receive.

I had a teacher who taught us a lot about life. He told us once : When you donate food, don't go into your cupboards and pull out all the food you would never eat. Go to the store, buy your favorite food and donate that instead. If you were on the receiving end which would you prefer?

I ask you, readers, what you would prefer?

When It Rains It Pours

Today I'm researching some alternatives for BF's birthday (more on this later) when the phone rings. The phone is being dumb and won't let me pick up. I try to check msgs but it says there are none. Just now, an hour or two later, I see the little light flashing on the phone base. I check the messages and WTF?!?!

A pharmacy I applied at back in August has called to offer me a full time position as a pharmacy tech. Why is this happening? Both jobs I had wanted months ago call me the same week and offer me work!

Ok, let's think about this here.

Studio Job
- Full time work now but is seasonal. Half promise it will become permanent but still... paperwork signed as seasonal.
- Great and fun staff to work with
- Long commute (30-1hr&30min)
- Offers studio training that I really want for in the future

Pharmacy Job
- Closer to home
- Probably has benefits
- Staff seems bitchy when I've been there as a customer
- Probably better pay
- Full time permanent position

I've decided I should call the pharmacy job and get more information as to pay rate, benefits, scheduling and so forth. Then I can make a more educated decision. What do you guys think?

Friday, October 3, 2008

Just Call Me Rabbit

Cuz I hop around! Today has already had a lot of up and downs and its only 11:30am. Considering the 2 hours I spent on the bus a lot has happened already.

I woke this morning to pouring rain again. I sucked it up and got ready to go in record time. Today my boss asked me to come in a half hour early to help out. I said yes yesterday not knowing that it would mean I would have to take a different bus route which extended my travel time from 30 mins to an hour and 30 mins. Boo! By the time my first bus came I was soaked.

On the way to work I walked past a Rotten Ronalds and really wanted an egg mcmuffin but decided to hurry and get there a little early to help out. Big mistake! My boss was late!!!! The store opens at 9am and she got there at 9:20. WTF?!? She said she forgot it was her that was opening. Meanwhile I was stuck outside with delivery men and customers that were pissed right off.

Once we got inside she started taking out her frustrations on me. Remember, I only worked 4 hours yesterday so this was going on my fifth hour of employment. I tried to grin and bear it, thinking in the back of my mind that I couldn't wait to call the portrait studio back.

Then another coworker came in even later than my boss was. My boss was livid! She kept calling us together and reaming us out. She kept telling me how privileged I should feel that I was able to have a Monday to Friday spot with 40 hours and how I was really going to have to pick up the pace. I seriously think this woman has some mental issues. I'm not even joking when I say that. There is some real problems in that store and I think I know where they stem from. Yeesh!

She even talked about me to the other coworker within hearing range! I was working and ran out of stuff to do so I went into the back to ask her what I should be doing next. She freaked out and was upset I didn't know what to do and accused me of being a daydreamer and time waster. THAT was when I said very nicely " I don't think this is going to work out."

She demanded I follow her to the office where she gave me a big lecture of which I had to cut her off and tell her that I wasn't interested in working there. She kept giving excuses for the state of the store and her behavior but I wasn't having it. I finally said "Look, I'm going to go get my things and leave. I'm not coming back. I'm sorry."

She asked me if I expected to be paid for the time I worked. WTF?!?! I told her yes and that she could send it to me. BOY OH BOY!

I went and got my things and headed across the street to where the studio is located. I was just in time to catch her before opening. She asked me to come back in twenty minutes to fill out paperwork.

Just like that ladies and gentlemen the job was mine. I have to take in a voided cheque this weekend so my paperwork can be processed Monday morning and then I'll get my start date. I am so happy!!! This is a skill I really want to pick up and could use in the future. I have always dreamed of having a small portrait studio in my own home later on when I have children of my own. This will be a great experience for me and the staff is amazing. Yay me!

I said I wasn't going to talk about work anymore but people have asked me to so I'm still writing about it. If you have a problem with it... don't read the "employment" posts cuz your negative comments are not welcome.

Thanksgiving Dinner/ October Birthday Party

This year since I'm usually the host of big family dinners and birthdays I've had the clever idea of combining all the October festivities into one. I've decided that we can eat our turkey and have a little birthday cake on the side of our pumpkin pie. This is going to save me a lot of money, time and effort over the month. I made a list a few weeks ago assigning food to people to make it a potluck too!

Mom and her BF - Pumpkin Pie and Salad
Dolly and her BF - Turkey, Stuffing and Birthday Cake
Youngest Brother - 4 bags of Chips (easy enough right?)
Other Brother - 4 bottles of Soda (one A&W rootbeer for Grandpa :))
Sister and her BF - bag of carrots and bag of potatoes
Grandpa and Uncle - Buns, Beets and Pickles

I'm considering buying some sweet potatoes as a surprise to my mom. Does it look like anything is missing?

Thursday, October 2, 2008


Ok so today I started a new job, I go out for wings and then I come home to the worst thing ever! A call from a job I've wanted for months. Geez Louise!

Does anyone remember that photography job that I wanted months back that I didn't get because of my availability? Well I called them like two months ago when I saw they were hiring again and let them know my availibility had changed but I was too late to get on board. Now they call me? NOW?

Well I guess I will just have to call up tomorrow and see what hours its for. Maybe I can swing both jobs if it's only part time. Hmm..

I've been having a really good day. My new boss is totally annoying but I'm hoping once I'm trained I wont have to be around her too much, lol. My coworkers so far seem really nice which is a plus.

I bought all the cards I need for October birthdays today. It was the weirdest thing! For each person I looked for (5) I found the card almost immediately. I only had to look at one or two cards per person. I usually have a hard time finding cards but I got them all for a $1 a piece from a dollar store. Yay! (Always buy your cards at the dollar store!)

Then we went for wings and for once it wasn't over crowded and none of my drinks were wrong.
The wings weren't as good as the ones BF makes but what can you do? My friend and her sister came which was a total bonus and they promised to celebrate my birthday with me later this month. Yay!

Then I come home to the phone call. Maybe its just a seasonal gig. She told me she'd call me for seasonal work later on and maybe this is it. I really want to try this. I'm really into learning about photography and would love to have a little home studio one day. If the opportunity presents itself I would have to say yes.

It's Raining, It's Pouring

Yuck! What icky weather outside today. When my alarm went off I could hear how hard it was raining outside right away. Boo! I hope I can manage to still look decent when I get to my new job. This is one reason I hate taking the bus!

This is island life though. :)

After work BF has decided to pick me up because my new job is located right beside his favorite store. He needs to pick up some things for his new bike and and to help make our shed more secure over the weekend.

Then we're off to meet a friend for a wing night at a local pub. I'm not so keen on this idea. I don't really like the atmosphere of the place we're going and they always get my drink wrong. :( So I compromised and said I would go if my friend can ( which she can) and that he pays. He agreed so it looks like that's what we are doing.

October Birthdays

October means a lot of birthdays in my family, including my own. I have been slowly cutting down on how much I spend on birthday gifts. This year I've managed to get away with either a card, cake or homemade dinner. I usually also kick in a small gift around $10.

Even when it comes to kids in the family I've reduced my spending. I take my time now and really look for something special thats in a reasonable price range. I've decided to stop stressing over presents so much.

I have to get organized so that nobody gets forgotten this month!

October Birthdays In Order

Youngest Birthday - Card and Dinner out, Reservation booked for Saturday
Uncles Birthday (twin) - Card, Scratch and win tickets
Aunts Birthday (twin)- Card - lives across Canada from me
Nieces Birthday - Fun gift, handmade necklace or bracelet
Dolly's Birthday - Dinner out?
Grandpa's Birthday - Card, favorite candies and a nice puzzle

Ok! Now that I've figured out what I want to do and have a list I'd better get on it. We'll be celebrating all the October birthdays on one night which will also be our Thanksgiving dinner that I am hosting. Saves a lot of time, money and effort over a whole month of events.

Also I'll be hosting another family night on Halloween so everyone can dress up and have fun greeting trick or treaters!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

It's My Party

As my birthday approaches BF starts asking what I would like and this year, unlike any other time, I actually have some things in mind. Australia only being 13 months away I am definitely keeping that in mind as I choose my gifts.

The Official List

  • An Expedition Backpack (Australia)
  • Headlamp (Australia & they are just plain handy)
  • Sex and the City DVD -If you haven't seen it yet you need to!
  • Cake/cupcake carrier
  • Garlic Press
  • File folders for my empty filing cabinet
  • The day off work! :)~
So those are the things that have been rolling around in my head as my birthday approaches. I already know what I'm doing for BF(hee hee).

October has 6 family birthdays. I am purchasing cards only for each person and maybe a small $5-$10 gift. Thats a trend I'm trying to start. I don't expect anything really anymore on my birthdays but BF and I usually buy for each on birthdays and on Xmas.

The only person I'll break my tiny limit for is my niece. We have our birthday on the same day and I'm aiming to spend $25 and then maybe make her a nice bracelet or necklace like I've done in the past.

Hello Everyone!

As a blogger you sometimes wonder how many people read your blog but never comment. To those people I just want to say "Welcome and happy reading". This week as I had time to surf around a little bit more I found myself listed on two different bloggers reading lists. To you I would like to say thank you for adding me!

The first one was InDebt at Set Goals and Stay Disciplined. It appears her blog is private now so I can only link you to her profile page.

The second was Bacon at Saving My Bacon. I seem to be getting a lot of traffic from your blog and so I thank you.

If you are a reader of my blog leave me a comment and say hello. If you would like to exchange blog links drop me a message. Other than that I hope you all are enjoying reading my blog. X0X0

Tying Up Loose Ends

Even though I called in and quit (again) the other day I was only able to speak to my supervisors assistant. She told me my boss would call me but its been a few days so I decided to call back. Things went well. She told me my cheque would waiting at the front till in the safe on Friday so I can pick it up whenever I like and that my ROE would come in the mail to my PO Box. Fabulous!!

I still have to call my other old employer and tell them that I won't be returning. I kind of feel like she was taking advantage a little bit by trying to negotiate so much and also I don't feel comfortable signing that letter or having my doctor sign it. I'll have to call her up later this evening and tell her my decision.

I'm feeling good about starting my new job tomorrow. I have to get some paperwork in order but I'm all set for that so I am pretty excited.

October 2008 TCOB

October!!!!!! My favorite month of the year. October is absolutely the best month ever and it just keeps getting better and better. Here's a few reasons why I love October so much:

Both my favorite holidays, my birthday AND extra money?! Wow. October I love thee!

Personal Goals
  • Reserve for BF's birthday
  • Host Thanksgiving Dinner/Birthday Party (there are 6 family bdays being celebrated)
  • Send handmade "I love you" card to two friends (didn't do this last month)
  • Reorganize and set up personal office
  • Find out about changing spelling of business name
  • Book off two days for birthday fun
  • Decorate house for Halloween Spookfest ( I love trick or treaters) and Family game night.
Financial Goals
  • Save $100 for Australia
  • Pay off a minimum of $200 on Student Loan (I'm going to aim higher but we'll see)
  • Purchase bus pass to save $$$ since new job is across town
  • Bag lunches everyday!
  • Assign everyone a food to bring to Thanksgiving (already figured this out weeks ago)
  • Shop with a budget for Halloween ( I go a little crazy)

I am so happy October is finally here. It's like a breath of fresh air. I can't wait for all the spooky goblins and scary faces. It's going to be a great month. I have decided that since BF's birthday and mine are two weeks apart to do the big surprise the weekend in between. I have to get my brother to help me reserve this weekend with his CC so we're all set. YAY!!!

Back to Work... Dagnabbit

I had my whole week planned out and now I find out that they desperately need me at the new job. I am working 2-6pm tomorrow and 9:30-5:30 on Friday. Boo! Oh well. Money is money.

Downey Body Shop - Collision Repair Experts

These days everything needs to be convenient and at the tip of our fingers. Downey Body shop is now online so you can find a quality local body shop near you without scanning the phone book calling a million places. Their site even has maps available to make their nearest to you location easy to find.
The part that I like the best is that you can read reviews and ratings of the shop closest to you so you know that they are a reliable shop. I always like to get some feedback from previous customers before trying out a new service.
If you don't have time to stop by you can always try going online to get estimates. While you're on the computer you can even book your appointment without any hassle or phone call. Pretty convenient!