30 B4 30

1 Learn to sew a quilt

2 Start my own monthly Happy Days Holiday Weekend

3 Discover the ultimate baked mac and cheese recipe

4 Start saving for retirement  - Completed September 15/11

5 Obtain a credit card to start rebuilding credit

6 Take an arts class

7 Start my own small business

8 Eliminate storage boxes that have been lingering 10 years

9 Visit 10 different countries - currently at 9

10 Donate 30 hours to charity

11 Get my learners license

12 Plant a tree

13 Compile a proper recipe book for all my favorites

14 Take a language class

15 Have a ladder of GIC’s renewing at $100 monthly

16 Find out my blood type

17 Learn the secret to making a super delicious stir-fry

18 Have a professional massage done  - Completed January 4th 2011

19 Take a cooking class - Completed January 20th 2011

20 Help my sister set up an RESP for each of her children

21 Rekindle 2  1 old friendships

22 Leave “Must Do” lists in 5 Australia Lonely Planet Books

23 Find the perfect gingerbread recipe

24 Visit my best friend E in Alberta

25 Have a minimum of $1000 in my TFSA

26 Establish a monthly family dinner and game night

27 Plant a garden for my mother at her new home

28 Visit my brother in Waterloo

29 Design my own personal blog header

30 Write a happy 30th birthday letter to myself to open on my bday

So this is the list of goals I have set for myself to complete before I turn 30 on October 20, 2012. I think it’s a pretty good mix. Plenty of fun stuff to do, some charitable work, some personal finance and a good dose of self improvement. It took me awhile to come up with 30 goals but I like this list a lot. I feel everything on it is attainable. Some will be a little bit challenging but that’s part of the game.