Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Darn Storms!

Last night some time a huge windstorm knocked out our internet until just now. I can't believe how much I missed being able to go online, even for just a few minutes. The only thing that really peeved me off was waiting an hour to talk to somebody with my provider. Then troubleshooting with her for a half hour just for her to put me on hold to get help and find out the service is down all over town. Talk about wasting people's time!

In other news I have booked a meeting today with the Pharmacy owner. BF said because I'm already employed and am not looking for work that I should negotiate on wages. It sounds like the pharmacy really needs somebody from the information I've gathered.

Confession. I have a really hard time putting a price value on my work. This is a problem I've had for quite some time. It's really held me back from selling my jewellry at more events and markets. It's something I need to address but haven't figured out a way to tackle it yet.

The meeting is in three hours and I'm having one of "those days". Hopefully I can make it through the meeting without being a goofball. If not... I already have a job so no worries, right?

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