Friday, February 27, 2009

2.3% ?!?!!

Have I been sleeping at the wheel? When did my ING Direct interest rate go down to 2.3% on my savings accounts? Boooooooooooooo!!!! Dolly no likey!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Freak Snow Storms

WTF?! I go to work.. the weather is fine. I come out and its snowing. Now there's got to be at least a foot. This is ludicrous! I live on Vancouver Island and this is not right!


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Ever Want To Punch Somebody In The Face?

So I've decided not to call the other tech bitchy tech anymore because we sort of bonded over the last few weeks. Today before work I saw her in the food court and she was so supportive towards me. Then I headed into the dispensary to find out I was going to be blister packing all day so that I could have some space. Thank god! I had two really good talks with head tech and my pharmacist buddy while I was back there. I really think that things have the possibility to turn around if we all try together to keep things positive.

After break I came back to see the mother and grandmother of the tech whom I'm filling in for on mat leave waiting for their prescription. Let me tell you... These women are fucking cows! Not the grandmother, but the mat leave tech and her mom. Holy crap! Every time I have to deal with mat leave techs mom she is super rude to me. I could hear her complaining very loudly as soon as I came in that they should have called ahead because we're all slow and stupid since her daughters not there right now. See what I mean? So anyway, I went to try and help them but before I could she dismissed me saying she would come back when somebody who knew what they were doing was there. I tried to keep my cool and help her but she was being so rude and saying inappropriate things so I let the pharmacist take over and walked away.

Twenty minutes later mat leave tech comes storming in and goes straight to a terminal to see what was going on with her grandmothers rx. I hate that she comes back there when she's not working. I don't think its right at all. The pharmacist pulled me aside and said maybe I should talk to her about it because her mother is always so rude to me. Bad idea.

She blew up on me saying that I should expect difficult customers and that I should learn that its part of my job. I was pissed. I was very calm and told her that I feel like maybe the reason her mom treats me that way is because I'm the fill in for her. I know that this family is obsessed with mat leave tech and think she's perfect. GAG!! She just kept fighting with me. I walked away and she was yelling at me about all this stuff that was irrelevant. So I calmly let her know that I approached her so to try to smooth over whatever issue there is her mom has with me and that I know how to do my job and that I am more than aware of how to handle myself. She just kept beeking off and I really just wanted to walk up and punch her in the face. When she left everyone couldn't believe it, well they could. We all agreed that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree with this family. I'm not going to type out everything that she said to me because honestly it was ridiculous and showed that she wasn't even listening to me. She came in prepared to fight with me. *sigh* Seriously, bitch needs to get a life!!

In other news.... today they went to drain the liquid around my grandfathers lungs and it turned out that most of it had already dispersed thanks to some meds he's on. They also concluded that the reason his lung collapsed was because of the enlarged lymph nodes. Apparently once this is fixed that lung should be fine. The bad part is that they are pretty sure the spot on the lung is cancerous but they need to do some more testing. If so they will get him started on some meds to shrink the nodes and prepare him for radiation treatment. They have been trying to squeeze him in all over the place with specialists and doctors so we feel pretty lucky. I heard he was pretty tired looking today and that he refuses any sort of entertainment. He won't accept a tv, phone, dvd player, games.. nothing. He just wants people to come up and keep him company. I plan to go there on Saturday and Sunday to cheer him up.

Thank you everyone for your supportive comments lately. I really missed you all. Blogging can be so therapeutic!!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Catching Up

So I guess I should let you guys know whats been keeping me so down and out lately.

Work has been hard. With the lead tech away with knee surgery for almost a month things were very challenging. The combination of bitchy tech and newbie techs was enough to wear me thin. One day there was so much fighting I was crying twenty minutes into my shift. The sad part is that I wasn't even the one that was fighting. I flipped out and called my boss. Every single person has complained lately about the working conditions, as we are dealing with some unfriendly personalities in the dispensary.

Last week lead tech came back, but she's on a back to work program. Things are slowly getting better but I'm still on the edge. I'm usually a very tolerant person but I have my limits. All of the turmoil has really gotten to me. It doesn't take a lot to set me off now. I'm frustrated because I feel totally passed over for a lot of really valuable training because there is always some type of chaos going on. I'm also a person who believes work should never cause you stress of this volume.

Today I've cried a lot.

My grandfather has not been doing well the past few weeks. I learned he had a breathing problem the last time I was over there for dinner. He showed me that he was using an inhaler and I was livid to find out the doctor was giving him the wrong directions on how to use it!! My poor grandfather has whistled breathing and his damn doctor doesn't know how to use a Symbicort turbuhaler ?!?

On Saturday we went there to do some insurance paperwork with him and I noticed he could barely stand up. He told me he couldn't walk from the living room to the bathroom and back without needing to sit down for awhile and catch his breath. I was heartbroken. He's mood was sober and he was making negative comments towards the future and his health. I've never heard him talk that way ever. Last year he beat prostate cancer, lost his wife and had his home burn down and yet he still kept a positive attitude. At this point he knew he had a spot on his lung from an xray but couldn't get a CAT scan booked until March 5th. I know this had him very worried.

Sunday I got a call that he was in the hospital. I wanted to go and see him right away. He looked better when I saw him. He had spent the night there and had some oxygen and they had been using a nebulizer with him that morning. His mood was better and he made sure to tease me as always when I was there. They did a CAT scan while I was there but did not give any results until today.

Today I called my mom from work and found out they had learned from the CAT scan that my grandfather has a spot on his lung, a collapsed lung, liquid surrounding his lungs and I believe they said two swollen lymph nodes. I asked my mother if the conversation had been positive or not and apparently the doctor just kept saying my grandfather was in the best place he could be and that they were going to do everything they could for him. What the F does that mean? Apparently its not as bad as it sounds as everything was caught early and is treatable. It's just a lot of testing and waiting right now which is getting me super worked up emotionally.

I have to say that my grandfather is in amazing shape for his age. He really takes care of himself and he's definitely "all there" if you know what I mean. He said to me on Sunday that he figures once they get this problem fixed he's got at least another 10 years before he gets "old old". I really love him. He's my favorite person in the whole world and everyone knows it. I know he's tough and he's determined so I'm trying to keep focused on that. I heard him tell the nurses twice that he had a huge family that would be up there bugging them all the time and getting in the way. That made me feel really good, that he knows that.

It's not all gloom and doom though. I have had some wonderful moments over the last few weeks. BF and I have started planning out how we want to start going through the house scaling down now instead of later for the trip. We've also been trying to eat healthier and drink more water. BF has been working out too! Dolly likes this :)~

We celebrated our anniversary with some take out and a movie. The following week we went to a Bistro on the water for Valentines Day. We had a really nice walk on the waterfront afterwards. BF definitely did good this year.

Friday night we let loose and went out for some wings and drinks with friends. I finally got to meet my really good friends BF of the last few months. I was relieved that he seemed really great. She was totally herself around him and he has the same type of humor as us so it was fun. We got a little tipsy, OK maybe a lot tipsy, and made a detour for deep fried chocolate bars topped with ice cream and whipping cream. Delicious!

So now you are all caught up. Whew!

Two Australia Fund Contributions

Today I set up a transfer for $424 from my regular banking to my savings with ING. I also transfered another $225 on the 16th. This brings me to a total of $1250 which is 25% of my goal. I'm so excited! I've decided to focus my savings towards the trip for now because I have to prove I have $5000 saved before I can get my work visa in the summer. Yay!!

Sunday, February 22, 2009


I can't believe I haven't blogged in so long. There have been a few days where I have logged in and wanted to write but just didn't have the mindset to do it. I have been reading a few blogs though to keep in touch. I was too lazy to log in and comment though. I don't know what's up my butt lately but there has definitely been a lot of crap going on. Work, family, and my own crazy self have been keeping me plenty busy and admittedly quite stressed.

I realize now that blogging regularly and being reminded of my goals is the only way to stay on track. I'm back people, sorry bout that!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Strange New Calmness Regarding Tax Season

Usually this time of year I am bugging out my head eagerly awaiting all my tax documents so I can do my taxes. Not this year.

What's the difference? Well, I thought about it and I think its because this is the first year that I'm not desperate to get my hands on some dough. Every year I can't wait to get my T4's and other documents so that I can cash in. I usually have the money ear marked before I even have it in my hands.

Its made me realize how much more secure I feel with a few bucks in the bank and no debt looming over my head. A lot of times I am disappointed I never had that big WOOHOO moment when I paid off my debt. Heck, I haven't even written my blog post on it yet. Today though it hit me that this feeling of ease is the real pay off. I have been impacted in ways that I'm just discovering now.

If you are still in debt I really urge you to make the commitment and prioritize your finances to get that monkey off your back. I think you'll see a lot of change in your life. Best of all you'll have security and more confidence in yourself. I know its had a big effect on me personally.

Dear House - Please Stop Falling Apart

So I told you guys about when my pipes froze up for two days while BF was away. Then I told you when the back gutter filled with ice and ripped off the house, which then landed on the back porch crushing our BBQ, lawn chairs and ripping down my clothes line. Well, things happen in threes and last Saturday it happened.

BF and I were leaving to go to my Grandpa's new home to have family game night when BF reached for the door knob and it came off into his hand. LOL!!!!! So until he fixes it we have to use the back door. Poor house! Good thing we never bought it. It just has too many issues. Somebody needs to buy the land and bulldoze this place!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

February TCOB

Oh February, how did you get here so fast? It seems like 2009 is flying by faster than 2008 did. Is this because I'm getting older that time is rushing past me? I can't believe January is already past.

Anyway.. I seem to be often writing TCOB (taking care of business) posts on the first of each month without too much thought. So far its been working out alright but I think I need to start focusing a little more.

Here are my February goals for 2009:

$20 Work Week Limit - My job is very hectic and crazy, especially lately, and I often eat out and snack a lot while I'm there. I'm giving myself a $20/week budget. Once the $20 is gone I'm poop out luck. This budget will include food and snacks while working. This is going to be a big step for me. I'm going to put a twenty in vial at work in my drawer each Monday and that's all I get.

Clean Out Guest Room Closet - I'm not really happy about this, having to do it I mean, because its got a few boxes full of random crap that I don't want to deal with. Most of its from when I cleared out my personal office so its a lot of paperwork. Some of it is tools, beads, wires and such. Some of it old clothes that I don't have the heart to get rid of but never wear.

Save $500 For The Australia Fund - This will bring my total to $1100 saved in that fund. That will be 22% of my goal.

Hand In Benefit Papers - I need BF's birth certificate to get this all handed in. I'm going to ride his ass all day about it until I get it.

Save $100 For Secured Credit Card Fund
- That will bring me to 40% of my goal.

Save $150 For EFund - That will bring me to 10% of my goal.

Change RSP Savings Fund to Australia Extras Fund - I found out that my employer is going to match contributions to my RSP so I'm going to find out more about that and save for retirement that way this year instead of just on my own. I'm converting the account to an Extras fund for things like my plane ticket and any small fees along the way.

Save $150 For Australia Extras Fund - This will bring me to 17% of my goal.

Bring Personal Blog Up to Date - BF and I have another blog together for family and friends since they are scattered all over Canada. I've been neglecting it probably since November. We really want to incorporate his family more into our daily lives since they are in Quebec.

Finish Online Work Training - Ugh, I don't want to do this but I know I should.

January TCOB Recap

Create Health Improvement Plan For Myself - Sorta
While I haven't put any real goals on paper I've been slowly making adjustments here and there to eat better and push a little more exercise into my daily routine.

Set Up Work Station For Myself - Half Way There
When I gave up my personal office in the house so BF could have his own space I moved my tools and things into a more common area of the house upstairs. I've got a good start on it but haven't organized everything yet or hung up my board with my tools so I'm not ready to take credit for having it done yet, lol.

Make Sure All Savings Accounts Are Over $100 - COMPLETED
This month I saved a total of $900 between my four savings accounts. YAY ME!

Deal with EI Audit - COMPLETED
Well I did deal with EI and I submitted all my paperwork. They haven't called me to tell me what is happening even though I requested so in my statement and I've called and left a msg to find out whats happening. My end is completed as far as I'm concerned.

Host Birthday Party for my Mother - COMPLETED
This year I was more than happy to host a birthday party for my mom. I prepared most of the food and then had every guest bring something to contribute like a potluck. Almost everyone showed and I think she had a really good time. I won't be here next year to celebrate with her so it was extra meaningful for me.

Open Sub Accounts for 2009 Savings Goals - COMPLETED
I opened two more sub accounts this month at ING and put a $100 in each to kick start both accounts. I'm considering changing one account though. More on this to come.

So even though the month flew by I managed to get a lot of things done. I'm happy with the progress I made this month and I'm looking forward to February!