Friday, October 3, 2008

Thanksgiving Dinner/ October Birthday Party

This year since I'm usually the host of big family dinners and birthdays I've had the clever idea of combining all the October festivities into one. I've decided that we can eat our turkey and have a little birthday cake on the side of our pumpkin pie. This is going to save me a lot of money, time and effort over the month. I made a list a few weeks ago assigning food to people to make it a potluck too!

Mom and her BF - Pumpkin Pie and Salad
Dolly and her BF - Turkey, Stuffing and Birthday Cake
Youngest Brother - 4 bags of Chips (easy enough right?)
Other Brother - 4 bottles of Soda (one A&W rootbeer for Grandpa :))
Sister and her BF - bag of carrots and bag of potatoes
Grandpa and Uncle - Buns, Beets and Pickles

I'm considering buying some sweet potatoes as a surprise to my mom. Does it look like anything is missing?


Doctor S said...

I like the new layout girl! Looks like you took a few days and got a bunch of things off your mind to start October! I wont like lately i have been having trouble keeping up with it but my little black book of ideas has been pretty reliable!

Dolly Iris said...

Thank you Dr.S! Yes, I needed a few days to clear my head and things are looking up now.

Arual said...

Hi Dolly,
You are the only one to leave a comment so by default you have been choosen as the ING referer (is that a word?). Please send me the link that I use. Thanks Lady, have a great weekend.

PS. Thanksgiving dinner looks delicious. I have to work both the Sunday and the Monday at my part time job so no thanksgiving for me. Not too worried about it though. I don't really like turkey.

Canadian Saver said...

You certainly are a lot more prepared for Thanksgiving than I am!! Looks like a great menu and gathering :-)