Monday, October 6, 2008

When It Rains It Pours

Today I'm researching some alternatives for BF's birthday (more on this later) when the phone rings. The phone is being dumb and won't let me pick up. I try to check msgs but it says there are none. Just now, an hour or two later, I see the little light flashing on the phone base. I check the messages and WTF?!?!

A pharmacy I applied at back in August has called to offer me a full time position as a pharmacy tech. Why is this happening? Both jobs I had wanted months ago call me the same week and offer me work!

Ok, let's think about this here.

Studio Job
- Full time work now but is seasonal. Half promise it will become permanent but still... paperwork signed as seasonal.
- Great and fun staff to work with
- Long commute (30-1hr&30min)
- Offers studio training that I really want for in the future

Pharmacy Job
- Closer to home
- Probably has benefits
- Staff seems bitchy when I've been there as a customer
- Probably better pay
- Full time permanent position

I've decided I should call the pharmacy job and get more information as to pay rate, benefits, scheduling and so forth. Then I can make a more educated decision. What do you guys think?

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Arual said...

Hmmm...sounds tricky because of job hopping. What if, you tried both at the same time for awhile? That way you can really get a feel for what job you want more. And if the studio is seasonal, maybe they will allow you part time. Or maybe you can tell the pharmacy that right now you are only available part-time, but if it works out, you are available full-time when the season ends for the studio. I would say go for more money...but you stated photography is something you are interested in learning more about and this experience may help you land a part-time gig where you are your own boss! You will be networking with potential clients, learning the ropes and jargon.
And in the end, money won't buy you happiness. Doing something you love will create positive energy and more good things will come with it.