Friday, February 8, 2008

Canadian Bonus for ING Direct

I've been meaning to do a post about my experience with ING Direct for some time now so here it is.

I love ING Direct. The interest rate on my Investment Savings account went up last month to 3.75% and they sent me those pretty flowers just the other day.

Setting up an account with them was easy and definitely worth it! I use mine for my EFund and it helps me cut down on impulse spending becuz it takes about two days to transfer money back and forth. They have great customer service and if you check out the site everything is very straightforward and easy to use. I haven't been disappointed yet!

The best part about setting up an account is you get a bonus. In the USA if you open an account with a minimum of $250 you would get a bonus of $25.... thats 10% return already! If you are Canadian the deal is even better! Open with a minimum deposit of $100 and get a $13 bonus!!! That's a 13% return.

How do you get this bonus? Well here's the thing. They also have a referral program where if you refer somebody who opens with the minimum balance you BOTH get the bonus. Yup! Since I'm Canadian this next part will only apply to my fellow igloo dwellers (lol).

If you decide to sign up for ING Direct after reading this post please use my referral code!

Here's the link and my bonus code is: 17037983S1 (you can just copy and paste this)

Anyone who uses my code... thank you so much in advance! If you are an American leave me a note and I'll refer you to another blog with links!

Cheers Everyone!


Canadian Saver said...

I love ING, have been a member since 2003, but sometimes I get frustrated with their lower interest rates. Have you ever checked out ICICI bank or HSBC direct? Both have branches in Canada.

HSBC is offering 4.75% interest on new money until May and ICICI's interest is 4.1%... it's always been higher than ING's.

I diversify, I keep a bit of money at each place :-)

Dolly Iris said...

Thank you for the tips! I've heard of the HSBC offer but not the other.