Monday, February 21, 2011

Mexico Here We Come

Hey Everybody! I'm headed now to spend the night at my besties house before we have to fly out early in the morning for our trip to Mexico. I'm very excited. BF and I are packing our bags now and trying to make sure we have everything ready to go and set up for when we get back.

Today we signed the 6 month lease for the new place. I was happy with all the touch ups they did. The new paint and a the clean up job made a big difference. We met the neighbour (its a duplex) and all went well.

I called BC Hydro and set up our new account there for March 1st. I'll deal with Shaw once I get back. We'll also need to get cell phones when we return. I haven't looked into it much but I have heard good things about Koodo. Any suggestions?

So this may be my last post for a week or so. Just wanted to check in before I go and update you all on our doings. I'm so excited for the wedding! Eek!

Love you all

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Shop Shop Shop on a budget

Yesterday Mom and I went out shopping for the wedding. I bought a $12 necklace, three pairs of cheap hoop earrings for $3.50 and two pairs of cheap flip flops for $1 each (incase one breaks). So I'm all set for bridesmaid dress accessories.

Next we had to focus on the bridal shower gift. Since I usually avoid weddings like the plague I struggled with this one. I googled it and most sites called it a tacky gift grab that was started by a tradition to welcome the new bride into the circle of wifedom but is now nothing more but a way to score more presents. Hmm. It recommended either bedroom gifts or kitchen. I felt way more comfortable with the kitchen stuff as she and I have always loved to get together and cook.

I felt lost out there. Then my mom and I stubbled across the softest blanket in the world. When my friend and I were younger we used to have endless slumber parties. She (lets call her RBBF) would always search out these soft plush blankets my mom had and claim them as her own. It became a running joke and finally my mom gifted each of us one of the blankets. It was a little pricey so I was unsure of it but then my mom insisted on pitching in as RBBF has been one of my besties for ever and she might come to the shower anyway. Yay!

From there we were set. We decided to go for a basket themed "intimate night in for two". We got a deal on a big wicker basket for $5 at Michaels. At Home Sense we got an adorable smores making kit on sale for $4. Then we hit the dollar store. We got a card, beautiful celophane wrap and ribbon for $4. Then we loaded up.

The basket includes the blanket, smores kit and :

2 oversized mugs, coffee, hot chocolate, two chocolate hearts, rose shaped lollipops, 2 coffee scented candles, a bath bomb, milk bath powder, a dvd (Better Sex Through Yoga - my mom picked it out, lol) and two bags of popcorn.

It turned out really well. I didnt want to give a raunchy gift and my budget was limited so I'm very happy with the results. It was fun shopping with my mom and I really hope she gets to come with me today.

On another note - I went to the work party last night and had a blast. All week at work I've wanted to catch up with people and this was a great opportunity. I had an amazing time. It was so much fun. I really love my coworkers.

I hope you all have an amazing Sunday!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Spillin The Beans

Well I have a lot of updates for you guys. In my last post I was feeling pretty down. I arrived home to a construction site which is never fun to live in. I found out I owed money to a few places I wasn't aware of. All of it pretty sucky because I have almost no $ and a lot to take care of. I had also had a bit of a letdown workwise. I had posted the previous Tuesday on Facebook that I was looking for a job and a place to live. Then a coworker from my old pharmacy job responded right away asking me if I could come in that day to see our boss as he wanted to see me asap and she was using his phone to msg me on FB. Sweetness. I hauled ass down there to find out he wanted me back but wouldn't likely be able to take me back for a couple months. BOOURNS! So I applied for a Census job to try to fill the gap. I decided to keep my focus on finding a place.

Monday morning I get a call from the pharmacy with a job offer. Holy smokes Batman! I was sooo not expecting that at all. My boss said two of the girls wanted a shift less a week. So that was two plus he added in some hours. Boom. He could offer me 32hours/wk but I would probably have to work a lot of evenings and weekends but never back to back. That was something I could live with. Since I'm a new hire again I will have to wait 3 months for benefits again and 1 year for RRSP matching. I start at my old wage but if I complete 3 stages of online training in the next three months he will give me a dollar raise. Yahoo! Sounds pretty good for me. He also mentioned other financial incentives down the road.

Of course I would prefer 40hrs/wk but one girl will go on maternity in 16 weeks so I think I will get more hours then. Also there is rumor of a clinic opening near our location which would boost hours. Even better, this gives me time to spend on working on my own home business idea. Incredible!

We were almost settled on a place when BF found a super cheap duplex. We went to view it and it was perfect for us. Tons of space, 2 bedrooms, storage room, laundry room, lots of entertaining space. I loved it. I was particulary drawn in by the natural light in the living room and the built in bookcase. I love books. :) So the day I got the job we viewed it and secretly decided we wanted it. The next day we called, showed interest and got it! Yay us! The guy renting the place really took a liking to us. So we sign paperwork Monday but we already have his half filled out and signed so its all ours.

Tomorrow is my best friends bridal shower so I'm going shopping today for her gift. Then on Tuesday early morning we head to Mexico for 7 nights of glorious all inclusive fun. I can't wait to watch her get married at sunset on the beach to her hulk.

My boss had wanted me to start the day after he called but there was a problem. I can't find any of my shoes in storage. So I told him I needed a day to buy some cheap runners. Luckily I had already spotted my old uniform at the top of my clothes bag and so I had that all ready to go. Still, I got in three days working this week. Sadly the computer system has completely changed so I'm like the new kid on the block again. In fact the way they do every tiny thing has changed. Its ok though. I have amazing coworkers.

The best part is there was a staff party already planned for tonight so I get to party with all my old friends from the store. We are going to a pub and then drunk bowling which is my ultimate favorite! Yay!

So I went from glum chum to happy lady in a matter of day. I'm so grateful things have turned around for me. I hope this feeling lasts a long time.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Here I Am

Well today will be one week since I arrive back in my home town. How are things going? Ugh. Yeah, thats about it. I will go into this more later but for right now I want to focus on getting out of my funkmasteryech and back into happygoluckyland.

So what can I do to lighten the mood a little and refocus my happy juices into something more positive? How about completing one of my 30B430 goals? Yes, that sounds fun.

I need to complete goals which require me not to have to spend any money or any supplies of any sort. Sounds limiting but there are a few things that I can do.

1) Learners License - I may not be able to pay for this just yet but the study guide is free. I can pick one up and start reading to prepare myself for the test. There is also a free practice test online. :)

2) Leave "must do" lists in 5 Lonely Planet Australia books - I dont have access to a printer right now but I can write out the lists by hand and make them all pretty.

3)Write a Happy 30th Birthday letter to myself - This should probably be done sooner than later. I can write it out nicely, find an envelope to put it in and tuck it away for that special day.

So this is me giving myself some inspiration to get happy.

I ask you readers - what do you do to pull yourself out of a funk?

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

One Journey Ends, Another Begins

Our last evening in Thailand. Our last day away from home. *sigh*

I would love to tell you that we are out living it up. Partying the night away until we leave in a taxi at 5am for our flight out of here. Reality is we are resting up. The motorcycle tour took a lot out of me and I am catching up on rest. Not to mention my ass feels pretty bruised. Well worth it though. We are back in Bangkok after flying in earlier today. I immediately repacked my bags and got to resting.

We leave Bangkok in the morning (Feb 2) with a stop in Hong Kong (I hope this goes well with the New Year crush) and then off to Canada to arrive in Vancouver on Feb 2nd. Yay, we gain one whole day lol.

We are going to spend two nights at my dear friend Nathaniels. He was the last to see us and will the first to greet us home. I can't wait to hash out all my stories to him and make him look at 5 million pictures.

Then Friday we take a ferry over to the Island just in time for my mom to get off work and pick us up for the start of her weekend. My sister is planning to have us all over this weekend on Saturday so I can see everyone, dish out my presents and collect my xmas gifts. Fun!

I really am not ready to go home but our tickets expire after tomorrow so it is what it is. I will just have to find ways to escape and travel again in the future. I will miss traveling. Its been an amazing year. Now that I'll be settling in though I'll be able to fill you guys in on all my adventures. I have a lot to share. Hopefully you will find it interesting.

I do have a lot to look forward to. My niece is so excited she has the date circled on her calendar. We had a conversation that went like this:

Niece : Um, Aunti Dolly, please when you come home dont ever go away this long again

Me: *laughs* Ok well, I will still travel but not for a whole year at a time

Niece : How long?

Me: Two months maximum

Niece: No, maybe two days maximum.

So I guess that means she misses me. I have to say I miss her too. It seems when I talk to her on Skype that she's become a little lady while I was gone. Growing up in my absense. Thats not allowed is it?

I miss my family and friends. My brother just recently moved to Waterloo but he said he'll try to make it out at the end of March to see me. My other brother says he'll clear his schedule to hang out with me. My sister is ready to cook a darn turkey for me since I missed Christmas. My mom cleared a space for BF and I to live in her new house even though the entire thing is under construction.

While the thought of looking for work and settling down is sort of depressing I have a lot of positive things to look forward to. An old bestie from high school moved to my town. I guess that will be one of my "rekindled friendships" for my 30B430. My best friend is getting married and I get back in time to experience that with her. My other best friend is going to fly from Alberta to see me when I get back. So much love.

Yeah, going home wont be so bad :0)