Thursday, October 2, 2008


Ok so today I started a new job, I go out for wings and then I come home to the worst thing ever! A call from a job I've wanted for months. Geez Louise!

Does anyone remember that photography job that I wanted months back that I didn't get because of my availability? Well I called them like two months ago when I saw they were hiring again and let them know my availibility had changed but I was too late to get on board. Now they call me? NOW?

Well I guess I will just have to call up tomorrow and see what hours its for. Maybe I can swing both jobs if it's only part time. Hmm..

I've been having a really good day. My new boss is totally annoying but I'm hoping once I'm trained I wont have to be around her too much, lol. My coworkers so far seem really nice which is a plus.

I bought all the cards I need for October birthdays today. It was the weirdest thing! For each person I looked for (5) I found the card almost immediately. I only had to look at one or two cards per person. I usually have a hard time finding cards but I got them all for a $1 a piece from a dollar store. Yay! (Always buy your cards at the dollar store!)

Then we went for wings and for once it wasn't over crowded and none of my drinks were wrong.
The wings weren't as good as the ones BF makes but what can you do? My friend and her sister came which was a total bonus and they promised to celebrate my birthday with me later this month. Yay!

Then I come home to the phone call. Maybe its just a seasonal gig. She told me she'd call me for seasonal work later on and maybe this is it. I really want to try this. I'm really into learning about photography and would love to have a little home studio one day. If the opportunity presents itself I would have to say yes.

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Frugal Dreamer said...

That's awesome you had a great day! :) and it's good the new job is going well already! I love photography too. I am going out this weekend to buy myself a tripod! ;)