Thursday, October 9, 2008

Todays TCOB

On this blog I always post monthly TCOB lists. If you are wondering what that stands for its Taking Care Of Business. I got this one from the same teacher who advised us to give what we like and not what we don't to the food bank. Amazing man.

Anyhoo... my mom just left from letting me use her credit card to reserve something for BF's birthday. I've almost got everything sorted out now so I'm very very excited!!

Today I have to clean clean clean. *sigh. We're having a whole houseful coming over Saturday for the big Thanksgiving/October Birthdays Dinner. I've got all the food purchased, the gifts mostly wrapped and now I've just got to clean.

I'm dividing it into sections for today and tomorrow. Today is guest room/office (almost done), upstairs bathroom, downstairs bathroom/laundry room, kitchen and bedroom. Tomorrow I'll be doing the living room and main area upstairs. Those are fairly easy rooms to do so I can do that in between prepping and baking for the dinner. As for my personal office... I might as well close the door and put up a hazard sign. Same for the storage areas, lol.

We're not overly messy people but you all know how it is when you're expecting company. Especially when some people haven't seen the place and may expect a tour. I really don't know how we will fit all these people into the house. We need to borrow some chairs and things. I may take a love seat off somebody's hands too that is going to good will.

In other news I managed to get the day off I needed for the big BF birthday extravaganza but not my birthday. :( It's because of training scheduling so I'm trying to be a big girl about it.

So I guess I had better stop procrastinating and get to cleaning. HELP!

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