Tuesday, October 7, 2008

October Birthday Shopping is Done!

I really took charge this weekend and managed to purchase all the gifts and cards I needed for October. I'm in the process of getting them all wrapped up and then I'm ready to go. I really watched my dollars this time.

Brother - Dinner out/Disco Bowling (paid by BF) Card -$1
Aunt - Card -$1
Uncle - Card/Scratch and Win Tickets/Candy - $12
Niece - Card/Book/Game/Fiber Optic Lite Up Skirt/Stickers - $32
Grandpa - Planet Earth Puzzle (3 in 1)/Candy/Card - $14

Gift Wrap/Bags - $3
Total - $63.00

I went a little over with my niece (budgeted $25) but I'm really happy with everything I got her and she's really special to me. We share a birthday even!

I really lucked out having BF pay for dinner and the disco bowling we did with my brother. I wasn't expecting that at all and made sure to let him know I appreciated it.

Now I have to still have to get the Thanksgiving shopping done. I have a list though!

Thanksgiving Dinner

Turkey - better do this right away!!
Cake Mix
Whipping Cream

BF and I will have to get that done asap! I still have to do the big "family is coming over" clean up. That should be fun ;-) So far things seem to be going well with planning for the big event. My sister seems to be wavering on whether she's coming or not. It seems to be based on mood which is really pissing me off. Good thing she's only in charge of carrots and potatoes. Those are things I can easily pick up myself if she doesn't pull through. I hope she does though for the kids sake.

I'm also working on BF's birthday. It's now going to take place on the weekend in between our bdays so we can both enjoy ourselves. I've changed my original plans drastically for the better I think. I've planned a great weekend for both of us. I just have to make some reservations today and we should be all good. Once the reservation is made I have to tell him he has to take one Monday off.

Oh, and I'm also planning my own birthday. Just a few girls and one guy coming over to drink, eat and be silly. I'm keeping things low key this year because there is just so much going on already. Besides, I'm not so much into it anymore. Just a few close friends around is all I need really.

The last weekend of the month is Halloween. I have to decorate big time for that! There maybe a family game night at my house that night. Sigh... I've got my work all cut out for me.

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