Friday, September 30, 2011

September In Review

September is the first month since I've been back from traveling that I've started to make progress on my goals. It feels good to be back on track. I have nothing to compare to from August so these will be my starting numbers. I did start my RSP and TFSA. Go me! Lets check out those numbers:

Savings for September

TFSA (New) $250

RSP $70 (1/2 employer match)

Travel Fund $250 - I will need $500 saved before Nov 4th for BF's birthday

Secured Credit Card $0

House Fund $0

Chipotle Fund $100 - His next visit in 3 weeks will be about $400

In the past I would usually have a monthly goals update but since I did not have any set for September I have nothing to report sadly. Check in tomorrow for Octobers goals :)

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Chipotle Gets Poked

Today was Chipotle's first visit to the vet and our first bigger expense for him. He had an initial check up first where we got to ask a lot of questions and get some great advice. Then it was time for him to get his first shot and a deworming pill even though we havent seen any sign of a problem.

The visit went really well and I was proud of how well behaved and sweet he was while we were there. The damage was about $98 for the visit. The reception did forget to give us the second deworming tablet which we will have to give him ourselves in 2 weeks. So we'll have to go back for it and I'm not sure if there will be any charge. I'm sure it wont be much if it is.

The vet we decided to go with is the same one we used with Cherri. I feel confident that we've gone with a good clinic who actually cares for our little monster. One month from now though we will have a second visit that will be closer to the $400 mark. Eeek!

He's so worth it though :)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

BF's Bday Weekend

Every year I plan something special for BF's bday. Its always different and its always a surprise. Our birthdays are two weeks apart exactly so he will be celebrating at the beginning of November. Right now I work every second weekend so if I want to do something special where we go away I will need to do it Halloween weekend. Luckily that will be a long weekend for me because I booked Halloween of weeks ago (its my favorite holiday).

There is something I've been dying to do with BF for two years now. It has to be a surprise so sadly you guys will have to wait until after Halloween to find out where we are going. I figure its going to cost me about $500 for the weekend. Eek!

Its so totally going to be worth it though. I think both he and I are going to love it. Well maybe he will enjoy where we are going but I will enjoy the peace and relaxation.

So between now and then I have to save up the money in my travel fund. I am going to call at the end of the week and cross my fingers that I can get a reservation for that weekend. Wish me luck!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Lesson Relearned

Oh CIBC. I do not love you. You make it very hard even after all the years we've been together. I give and you take. I find you dishonest and I'm over it.

So yesterday I was looking at my charges from CIBC from last month when I saw I was paying over $30 in bank fees. Excuse me? I called them up immediately to see what the deal was. Apparently when I got the new CIBC Advantage card a few months back the girl switched me to a different plan as well without telling me of course. So I've been paying out the wazoo for all these transactions I thought were covered.

He gave me a $15 credit and was very helpful. He offered to change my plan to one that offers more transactions but since I'm going to be doing almost all my banking through ING now I actually switched to the lowest account fees possible.

After I got off the phone with him it hit me that this must have been happening for some time and sure enough when I looked back at previous months I cringed with horror. Ugh, all my hard earned dollars scooped up by the devil known as CIBC.

So I guess I needed a reminder in always checking over every statement very carefully whether its a bill or a bank statement. Stupid tax for Dolly. It really adds up too which makes me angry but I'm half to blame in not catching their error for so long.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Another $50 in the TFSA

A very important rule in both paying off debt and saving is that every little bit helps. That and pay yourself first. That brings me up to $150 which is 15% of my current 30b430 goal.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

A Mothers Greatest Fear

Just a week before I was scheduled to pick up Chipotle I was struck with fear deep in my heart. Bringing a kitten into my life would be a huge commitment. I knew that I would never give him away or ignore him as he would be my furbaby forever. It was a lot to imagine after travelling with only a backpack for a full year.

There was something else though. Long term readers may remember my sweet little rat baby named Cherri. She was the apple of my eye. Sadly she was very sickly. Price was no object though and between paying debts and savings I paid for all her treatments and medications. Her life was cut short by illness and after only 1.5 years she passed away leaving me heart broken and grieving for a long long time. How could I go through that again?

Some people believe that it is better to have loved and lost then to never have loved at all. When I looked back on all the moments we shared together my heart fills with happiness. I still miss her and I dont regret everything I went through with her. It was worth it.

On Wednesday after a hard day at work Chipotle went missing for 4 hours. He never strays from the yard and always comes when called just like a little puppy would. We combed the neighbourhood and wooded area calling his name and shaking his bag of treats. I quickly put up posters at the surrounding apartments and bus stops. I posted on Facebook and all local city sites that he was missing with photo. I was frantic and desperate.

At 10pm we heard a crying mew from the back door which was left ajar in hopes he would make his way home. BF ran to the door and scooped him up to deliver him into my arms where I bawled like a little baby.

Where he disappeared to I will never know. I have my suspicions but this is a secret Chipotle will always hold. The experience was soul shaking. For right now we have decided to keep him inside unless closely supervised until he has all his shots, tattoo and is neutered.

Of all the financial investments I will make he brings the greatest return.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Why I Love September

Oh September. You are not usually my favorite month but this year you've managed to bring two very special occasions to my life.

1) All the kiddies go back to school. Yay! As you can tell I dont have children and do not want any in the near future. I'm happy to have them tucked away in schools instead of screaming and running around the pharmacy :)

2) 3 paydays!!!! Thats the real winner for me. Its usually October but this year its going to fall in September. I just realized this and am feeling like its time to make some progress with my savings.

Anyone else have 3 paydays this month? What will you do with the extra cashola?

Sunday, September 11, 2011


Well I opened a TFSA tonight with ING. It was pretty easy to get started. That's what I love about ING. One of my 30B43o goals is to have $1000 saved in that account. With 13 months to go I have full confidence I'll be able to meet my goal. I've started out with a $100 and it feels really good to be saving again. The interest rate is currently at 1.5% though. :( Still, its better than nothing.
I'm thinking I will use this as my EFund. I want to reevaluate my savings goal. Well, my goals in general. What do you use your TFSA for?