Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Save Energy Save Money

BC Hydro has been doing a lot this last year to get people to minimize their energy consumption and I think its great. I usually get some tips from them every two months included with my bill on how to cut down my usage. They have also started a new billing system which rewards low usage. I'm really on board with this. I will do up a post on some tips and schedule it to post this weekend while I'm away! I have a few different sheets from them now so I'll do a few different ones through out the next few weeks. :)


Shevy said...

Yes, this is an interesting plan and I'm waiting to see how it works out. However, I can't do too much about our consumption since we share a house with Eldest Daughter, our son-in-law and their 2 kids. Most of the power consumption is in their part of the house (we split the bill with them paying 60%).

However, I have been unplugging the hi-speed modem whenever I'm not on my laptop and only plugging in the cell phone charger when I'm actually charging. It's not going to make a big difference on (my share of) the bill but it's still good to do.

Nathaniel said...

This year I'm switching to energy efficient Halloween lights!!