Friday, October 10, 2008

The Amazing $2 Costume

One of my all time favorite bloggers Arual came up with the best idea for a frugal costume this year! I ask you, readers, who can beat a $2 costume? That's what I thought!

I share with you...

The PAPER BAG PRINCESSI hopped on down the dollar store and bought myself some over sized brown bags for garden use. Then I skipped over to the kids section and picked myself up a 4 pack of tiara's. Shimmied up to the registered and handed over my $2 (plus applicable taxes of course).


Now I just need to get out some scissors to style and detail my pretty new dress.

Thanks again Arual for a wonderful idea! I love the moral behind the story as well. Amazingly cheap and fun costume.


Canadian Saver said...

Very neat!

Arual said...

Awww! Thanks :)
I get to wear two costumes for Halloween now. My paper bag costume for fun and for work, I am doing a promotion in one of the corporate buildings downtown, so we are wearing all black and masquerade masks!!! I LOVE MASKS!!!
Have a great time being the Paper Bag Princess. :)