Wednesday, March 5, 2008

What's Cooking Wednesday!!! - Grilled Asparagus

The other week my Sweetheart decided to invite one of his friends for dinner. I had no problems with this as he was going to be doing the cooking and clean up :). So with the menu left up to him he decided on BBQ. Now I know what you are all thinking. Sure, the man picks BBQ of course. He is actually an amazing cook but when then boys are around... yeah it always seems to end up BBQ night.

Deciding on sausages, chicken breasts and baked potatoes he had it all figured out. I decided to suggest he also cook up the asparagus we had in the fridge to add a vegetable to the meal. He immediately put me to the task of researching online to find the best way to cook it on grill. Everything made last night was made on the grill. Anyways in case you were wondering this is what I came up.

Grilled Aspargus

This is a very easy and simple explanation. They were delicious. I didn't use as much salt as listed because I like the taste of asparagus just as it is and have been trying to cut back on salt.

I would like to add that when you are shopping for asparagus to look for grocers who keep their asparagus bottoms in water. When you get home find a glass or a container with a base wide enough to stand the spears up in and then add some water to the base to keep them fresh!

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Canadian Saver said...

BBQ is good anytime yep!! I love asparagus also... I try to buy it when it's less than $4/lb, otherwise it's just too expensive for me!

I like it roasted in the oven too, when the grill's not on.