Friday, March 21, 2008

Tracking my Bus Pass

I haven't been using my bus pass very much at all this month. I think I should have just bought tickets instead of the pass. Hopefully I'll be working a lot more next month and will need the pass to get back and forth. I've decided to track on my blog how many days out of the month I actually use the pass by showing the amount I would have paid if I had used cash daily to make sure I'm getting my money's worth.

One good thing about riding the bus is that I have time to read my learners guide which is boring as heck. I didn't read the manual the first time I took the test and I did quite well but this time I'm more serious about it. Plus, I want to make sure I learn everything and don't make mistakes on the road because I do respect the safety of others and of course myself.

Riding the bus is tiring for me though. I think its the motion of the bus that puts me to sleep. Every time I'm on it I get off wanting to have a nap which isn't good because I'm usually headed somewhere like work, lol.

Yes, I know riding the bus costs significantly less than maintaining a vehicle. Still, dealing with the weather, other riders and crappy schedules is enough to make me want to start getting my finances in order so I can afford a car and proper lessons.

I plan to get my learners in the next few weeks here if I can just get through that book!

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