Monday, March 3, 2008

Finding Money Mondays - 4

The Dryer

Ok! Here's a place where we can save money a few ways.

1) Dryer Sheets

Cut these babies in half. It still does the trick with only half the sheet, so why not? This means one box will last you twice as long and saves you $.

2) Lint Trap

Keep this baby clean because the lint trap is your friend. Make sure to check your lint trap all the time because your clothes will dry faster, using less electricity. Ask an attendant at your laundromat to do this as well.

3) Energy Saving Settings

Use them! Oh, and if you recently bought an Energy Star appliance look for Federal tax credits here and a rebate from Hydro here.

4) Use Wind Power - It's free

Invest in a clothes line. Then go to the dollar store, buy pegs and a peg holder. This is both a cost effective and environmental win. Hang those clothes up to dry and then tumble them for 5 minutes if you like. You should see some savings on your electric bill for this one!


Canadian Saver said...

I try to hang my laundry out on the line when I can... sheets are especially great to hang out, they smell so nice and fresh that way.

In the winter time it's not as fun, but I've put stuff out there and then use the dryer about 5 minutes per load to get the excess moisture out when they come back in. 5 minutes is better than 30 minutes, anytime.

Fabulously Broke said...

I do #1 and #2 because the windows don't open .. plus drying clothes in the winter is a recipe for disaster.

However, I hang them up in the bathroom/my bedroom if that counts

Dolly Iris said...

Yes, it is dependent on the weather but I do my best. My laundry room has sweaters and things hanging all over the place lol.

debtfretter said...

we're pretty lucky here in Australia - the weather means your clothes dry in the sun in about 10 minutes on a really warm day.
Using the dryer is an occasional luxury!