Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Cleaning House

This weekend my Guy cleaned out our storage room and laundry area. Thank god! There is nothing worse when doing laundry then tripping over boxes. I was so grateful to him for doing this. Of course I still need to go through my boxes in there but on the whole it was good.

We also sorted out a stack of papers we had accumulated together. In them was my passport! Wow, I was freaking out becuz I have not been able to find it since returning from Montreal at the beginning of January. He also found some cheques he had not cashed yet. Bonus for him!

I also found my cheques! *wiping sweat off brow. Being disorganized is so stressful, so I'm glad we are teaming up to get things done. It's up to me to clean my jewellry office though! Oh procrastination is so ugly, lol. Its one of my March TCOB goals though so I need to get on that.

On Saturday I'll post an update of my March TCOB progress so you can see where I'm at for the month. I reviewed it last night and I think I did a good job on selecting goals that are attainable for me this month so I'm feeling good about my progress.


Canadian Saver said...

I love when things are neat and organized too, but I had doing it!!!

Glad you found your passport and your checkbook!! And finding uncashed checks would be really great right now!!

Sistah Ant said...

This is exactly why I'm always going through my stuff - I'm scared I might lose something important!