Thursday, March 13, 2008

LIke a smack in the face

Wow. Sitting here reading some new to me blogs and I stumble across a blog where a woman is writing about a trip she wants to take and the travel costs associated with it. I was floored at the numbers she casually threw out there for travel costs. I realized that I need to get more in focused if I want to make this trip a reality. We always talked about this trip since we've been together and we've been slowly getting into the process of being prepared.

The problem is that we haven't made the goal specific enough yet. We don't have an exact time frame or guesstimate for our departure. We don't have any kind of general game plan for locations while we are there (back up plan). We don't have costs laid out yet. We don't have contact information for reliable van purchase or rental. We need new gear and I need to invest in the proper type of clothing for the lifestyle. We need to find out about one year work visas. We have a lot to get in order! No wonder I've been so lofty about getting things done. The impact has not hit me yet.

I know I shouldn't be too hard on myself. The problem is I'm a planner. I mean a BIG time planner. I plan all the social activities for friends. I throw the parties, organize the games, food and people. I like to know who's going to be there, when and what I need to organize for them. It's nuts. I organize the family functions, holiday meals and birthday parties. This year I threw a surprise birthday party to show my guy all the new friends he had made since moving to this province.

My guys is like.. ok who really cares, we'll just deal with things as they happen. Everything will work out for the best kind of attitude.

Can you see where we might bump heads on a few issues? Its drives me insane!! Still, he's the only one who can make me go from crazy to giddy with just one smile.

If I want to be prepared for this trip in a way that makes me feel secure I can't wait for him. I need to do it for me.

Ring Ring!


Good morning ma'am. This is your wake up call.

Thank you.


Canadian Saver said...

Is it my $3,000 that scared you? Flights are just so incredibly expensive... and I don't even want to know how much it'll be to get to Australia... there are taxes on top of surcharges and fees on top of those, so it's a lot worse than I thought it would be.

I'll probably worry so much about saving the money for going that I won't enjoy the trip as much when I get there..............

I thought when you had posted about your trip that you had a good plan... you probably are more advanced than you think :-)

Have you checked out ApplesAndTelephones' blog? She is planning to move to London soon and has some good advice on her blog... (I've got her link on my blog if you don't know the address).

Dolly Iris said...

Thanks! I will check out her blog. I guess I just don't have a ball park figure in my head and it just kind of shocked me to start thinking of costs.
I shared my thoughts with my BF right away but he didnt seem at all worried (of course) but I still am.
I think I have a good financial plan for when I return and in case of emergencies but I'm a details kind of person. Maybe I need to chill out, I don't know.

Fabulously Broke said...

honestly, im a planner too.. and non planners drive me mad. they need a budget, realistic of course, a plan and to make sure details are taken care of.. i hate being the babysitter