Friday, March 14, 2008

Tax Time

On Thursday my Guy checked our PO box and I am happy to report all of my tax forms have been delivered. Including the one I thought I would have to estimate for.

I noticed for one job the tax amount was huge. I do remember asking for extra taxes to be taken off each cheque during my last few months there because my tax people warned me about the employer. So that should be beneficial to me now.

On the other hand the horrible employer who I will be going through mediation with next week only deducted $15.10 for income tax but I earned $2235.25 in the small amount of time that I worked there. Hmmm

I also have my student loan interest credits so we'll see how it goes. Once I get my schedule for this job I will set up an appointment to get them done.

1 comment:

Nathaniel said...

$15.10 for over 2 grand?! Is he fuckin' serious?! How is this guy not in jail?