Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Holy Bus Pass !!

In anticipation of my new job and having to get around more during the month of March I decided to purchase a bus pass. It's been a few months since I bought one so I was shocked to hear the price had gone up yet again.

WTH? Ok, seriously if you are going to up the rates please also improve the service. It seems prices go up and service quality goes down. I'm am completely unimpressed. Not only that but the "adult" pass is double the price of the "student/senior" pass. Now how is that an incentive for working adults to bus to work instead of drive?

Total cost ? $60.75. Dagnabbit! Before I buy another one I'll need to track how often I will actually use the pass and see if its going to be worth it. Depending on my work schedule it might be good but geeeeeeez.

There is an up side to all of this. I can keep the receipt, expired pass and claim them on my taxes next year for a 15.25% tax credit. If you take transit you can check out the details here.

Last year I knew about this but never kept track of my expired passes and receipts. This year I'm going stop playing around and missing out of money because of my organizational flops. I've already labeled an envelope to keep them!


Canadian Saver said...

That's for 1 month? It's a lot more expensive than I though! At least you can claim it on your taxes, like you said...

Fabulously Broke said...

This is why I'm considering buying all that stuff ahead of time (mostly tokens in Toronto) cuz the $2.25 per token is murderous

Fabulously Broke said...

And in Toronto it's $109 for an adult for the subway/bus :(