Monday, March 10, 2008

Safety First??

My friend had a mini crisis last week when her baby was hurt by her baby gates. She purchased the gates made by a company called Safety First. The name of the company obviously does not portray their products very well.

He is teething right now with 4 teeth already grown in. He likes to chew on things constantly. She was tidying up and he was holding on to the gate watching. He started to chew on the gate when she heard him suddenly start shrieking. She rushed over to find blood rushing from his mouth. There was a sharp edge on which his gums were sliced open!

She took a photo to document the injury. His poor gums are red and swollen so she's keeping an eye on them. Poor little guy, his gums are sore enough with all those teeth trying to break through.

She returned the gates to where she bought them and was given a refund with a nonchalant attitude toward the injuries that her child endured (Wal.mart). She asked to speak to the baby department management about having them pulled from the shelves. The manager was not in that day and so she'll have to wait to speak to them.

I advised her to contact the company directly and send them a photo of his poor little baby gums. This is completely unacceptable. Baby products need to tested and they need to be safe.

Make sure you do your research when purchasing products for your child. Check online for any customer rants and complaints. I hope this company responds to her complaints in an appropriate manner!!

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Canadian Saver said...

Poor baby, that must have hurt like heck!!!