Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Link Love Continues

I've added some more fantastic blogs I'd love to share with you to my blog roll.

1) Gail Vaz-Oxlade
You probably remember me referring to her at the beginning of my blog entries. She is amazing!!! I begged around to get a reservation into her free seminar held in my home town because it was booked full and managed to get in. She is hilarious and has no nonsense attitude towards finance. She has no problem calling you a dope. For you people who may not recognize the name you will remember when I mention her show "Till Debt do us Part". Check out the pic of us above ( Gail always gives a moment to her fans).

2) So Sick of Debt
This blog really hits home for me a lot of the time. The struggles of impatiently wanting your debt to be gone and to move forward with your life is always hard. I find her posts to be very thoughtful and honest. She has made some amazing progress and I know she'll reach every goal she puts in front of her.

3) No More Debt
You want to read about somebody who puts their nose to the grindstone everyday to get that debt paid down? She predicts 2008 will be her year to reach "financial freedom". Everyday she gets up and tries to get out there and make that money! She's so busy I get exhausted just reading it about but the most important part is that she's consistently making the effort.

I hope you are enjoying checking out these blogs!


Canadian Saver said...

I love Gail's show!! It's on (sometimes in reruns) every single day... I find each episode very interesting :-)

You're lucky you got to meet her!

Dolly Iris said...

I love it too and I feel very fortunate to have met her. Even though she was being rushed out by the sponsors of the show she still stopped to take a picture with me!