Tuesday, March 4, 2008

$50 Snowball

I always liked the thought of snowballing but never knew there was a term until last year. I've decided to add the $50 payment I was paying to my BC loan to my Fed loan payment. So now instead of $75 automatically coming out of my account I will commit to transferring the extra each month until its paid off. Since I'm so accustomed to expecting the deduction monthly it shouldn't be a big deal.

That's exactly what I just did to get the ball rolling. I know I will pay more off monthly than that because its my goal to become debt free this month but its still a commitment for me to keep no matter what happens financially.

It is my goal to pay my last debt below $3,500 hundred this month and every bit helps!

1 comment:

Canadian Saver said...

Snowballing really accelerates debt repayment yeah! Every dollar helps :-)