Monday, March 17, 2008

Schedule Conflicts

I just realized that I cannot work a shift that I was scheduled on Tuesday. I just found out about it tonight and then realized once I got home that I am already booked that day for a mediation with my former employer. The mediation is about some heavy topics and owed monies to me and I know I will not be a good state to work afterward.

I have to go in an hour early (paid) to finish filling out some paperwork with the manager. I have three shifts under my belt but the first day was a mess. I barely got trained at all because everything was so hectic. My job is complicated and there is already not enough training so I'm pretty freaked out.

I checked the schedule and it looks like I have an average of 3 shifts per week and that's just not going to cut it. I need to maintain 25 hours per week for benefits and I need to make money this year. This year is all about making money and working hard to keep it flowing in.

I do not like the position very much at all that I am working in right now but I'm trying to wait it out to see if it gets better. I want to ask the manager to train me in some other areas right away so that I can pick up some more shifts. I want to be trained in other areas in the kitchen, which is what I was originally applying for. I just don't really like working around so many people.

I just finished a bunch of paperwork I needed to have done for tomorrow's meeting. It's the bulk of my hiring package and union papers. I still need to go over my notes for my daily routines because tomorrow is my last day before I'm thrown to the wolves.

I still haven't had the time to organize most of the papers for my mediation on Tuesday morning. Most are in the hands of my mediator already so all I really need to bring is some extra supporting documents I haven't faxed over yet. I need refresh my brain Monday evening after work (yeah right) of all the details of my claim against my former employer. I'll need to fish out the documents in the morning before work. Ugh... I'm so tired and I'm really hoping this post makes sense!

Sorry there is no Finding Money Monday today... just overtired ramblings. :)

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