Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Pay Per Post

Some of you may have noticed a little advertisement for Pay Per Post on my blog now. While checking out some other blogs I noticed people advertising how much they loved Pay Per Post. I used a referral link from a fellow blogger and signed myself up.

Signing up was really easy! Any problems I had were easily resolved with a quick email to their customer support. Today I got my first peek at available topics to post on. So far things look pretty good.

The reason for me signing up was that I am always looking for alternative ways to generate income. I have a lot of finance goals and I need every cent I can get. I plan to use the money I earn to add snowflakes to my debt.

I hope me adding this won’t discourage any of my current readers from regularly stopping by. I will only be “complimenting” my blog with these posts. All paid posts will be marked so that you will know the inspiration behind the topic. I will only choose topics I find interesting and wouldn’t mind sharing.

I don’t see any harm in adding this to my blog after disclosing my intentions to my readers. I’m hoping it will bring new stuff to my attention and keep me up to date on all the new things happening out there.

With all this said, if any of you are interested let me know and I’ll hook you up, lol.

Thanks for your support as always,

Dolly Iris

1 comment:

Canadian Saver said...

Dolly, I am also seriously considering doing this. I have read from others that it can be quite profitable. Let us know how you long it takes for you to be approved and how it works out for you in the beginning :-)

Good luck!