Saturday, March 22, 2008

Psssst! QUICK! Come here.....

My guy keeps bringing up the Easter Bunny. He said flat out "Hey, Valentines is yours and Easter is mine".

Okay, no problem there. I started spoiling him our first Easter together a few years ago with kinder egg hunts and such. When he asked me to talk to to the Easter Bunny about making sure he has a good easter I was way ahead of him.

So here's a sneak peak as to what my guy will find tomorrow when he wakes up.

I had to hid everything in the storage boxes you see behind, along with the things for my niece and nephew. :)

I also bought some mini chocolate bunnies for when his buddies come over for their weekly dinner tomorrow. Yes, I'm a good gf.


Canadian Saver said...

Yummy!!! We have no Easter candy in the house.... my sister bought some on Wednesday and we ate it then :-(

Nathaniel Christopher said...

I really hope that Easter Express Train is not some polluting diesel engine. Please tell me it's electric or I'll have no choice but to derail it!