Thursday, March 20, 2008

Sketchy Job Offer Part 2

So I didn't end up going to the job today for a few reasons.

I was a little worried because I realized I would need to catch a cab there because there is no transit service that early in the morning. I didn't have any cash on me and neither did my guy so I would either need to have the cab take me to a bank machine ($$) or walk to the bank machine and have the cab pick me up there (scary).

Plus, the job is not in the best location and I have to go down this side street downtown and through these gates and I decided I better check it out in the daylight before proceeding to do this.

It wasn't a problem though, I called and emailed him right away to let him know. I talked to him just a few hours ago and he was fine with it. He said there are two other girls who also want the job so he's going to decide between us when he sees who works out the best and who likes it.

So I start on Monday now which gives me the weekend to prepare for it. I hope I'll like this job because the hours are really good. 6am to 230pm Monday thru Friday. Its 40 hours a week and the schedule never changes except for being closed on holidays.

This would be good because it would give me time to be with my guy on weekends and be able to work another part time job if I want to. The down side is that I won't be able to do the Friday Farmers Market during the summer but once my accessories are approved I can do some of the Sunday Cruise Ships that come into town.

I also got a second email regarding a part time evening job at the local newspaper where I would basically be feeding flyers into a machine that inserts them into the newspaper. Not very exciting but I've discovered that I like to work alone mostly so I think this could work out good for me. I'm in the process of just setting up a time to meet with him fill out the paperwork to get me started.

So I have two new prospects but I'm still eying up other jobs and applying for them as well. I hope one or both of these works out because I'm eager to start working. I want to get that debt all paid off and start saving for Australia!!

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