Saturday, March 15, 2008

Mid Month TCOB Review for March 2008

1) Criminal Record Check - DONE

2) Food Safe Certificate - DONE

3) Start new Job - DONE

4) Get Learners License - Not yet completed

5) Pay last debt under $3,500 - Planning $350 extra payment March 21 and regular $75 payment March 31st

6) Get my taxes done - Organizing paperwork and waiting to see new work schedule before I book an appointment.

7) Organize my home office - In the works

8) Renew Farmers Market membership - DONE

So I have completed half my goals for the month. The only one that I'm really concerned I won't get done is getting my learners license just because finding the time to read the book has been hard lately. It also doesn't help that its a very boring read, lol. I'm trying to read it on the bus but too much of that makes me ill.

I'm not giving up though! Check in at the end of the month to see if I complete all eight goals.

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nathaniel said...

I find the online practice test is really useful. I kept on reading the book and then doing the practice tests until I got every question right at least four tests in a row. Also, ask Cherri to help with your studying! Studies show that having a pet around can increase your ability to absorb new information.