Friday, March 21, 2008

Good Friday

Today we helped my mom and her bf move most of his furniture into a storage unit. I have a feeling we'll be back there again tomorrow moving a bunch of stuff for him and my mother. I think I'm going to stick behind though and try and organize my office since I still haven't completed that task for my March TCOB goals yet.

I made a huge batch of spaghetti sauce this evening. I'll portion it out and freeze a lot of it. I love having it all ready made. I use the sauce sometimes for making a quick lasagna or pasta rolls. Sauce is always better the next day or after being frozen I think. I'll give you the secret ingredient to my sauce in Wednesday's post.

Sometime this weekend I'm taking my guy to check out a gorgeous bed frame I saw last week. He promised when we moved here last summer that he would purchase one for us and I really like this one. So hopefully he'll like it too because its a great deal. The place we are buying it from is closing down in the next few months.

My guy is making chili tonight in the slow cooker and then freezing a bunch of it too. This will be good to break out when he's having his dinners with the guys. Did I mention he's an amazing cook? Mmm.

I'm just happy for the long weekend! I'm hoping to get a lot accomplished. Anyone else have some holiday weekend chores to do?


Fabulously Broke said...

Don't you love it when BFs are great chefs? :)

Dolly Iris said...

Hell Yeah!

Canadian Saver said...

You'll have good eats for a while!!