Saturday, March 8, 2008

Blogger Issues

Sorry there was no post this morning but everything I clicked on gave me some weird error and after about 5 minutes I became impatient and gave up.

Today I was at Grandpa's again helping with the inventory for things we could recognize. We found a box of my mom's framed pictures so that was uplifting. Anything we can salvage at this point is a plus. We only have a few more weeks before the place is bulldozed so we have to act quick but honestly it takes so long because you have to itemize every single little thing for the insurance company.

I must admit though I am not happy about the circumstances I do love seeing my Grandpa all the time when I'm there helping. He's my favorite person in the whole world.

Tomorrow I have my Foodsafe course to attend all day. I can't find my cheque book so I'll have to borrow one from a fresh booklet. Hopefully its in my mess of an office (yes I know.. bad bad bad).

Don't forget to set you clocks forward tonight! Remember.... spring forward.. fall back.

I'm off to bed. I already packed a healthy lunch for tomorrow and had a shower so that all I have to do tomorrow is straighten my hair and slap some mascara on. Ugh .. why couldn't we be setting the clocks back so that I could get an extra hour of sleep instead of less?

Good night all!


Canadian Saver said...

It's great what you are doing for your grandpa... I'm sure he really appreciates it! I never got to meet either of my grandpas, both passed away a long time before I was born.

That sucks you had to go to training on a Sunday! Hope it was interesting?!

Dolly Iris said...

It was pretty good. Hard getting up and sitting there all day but the instructor was great. Plus she had an amazing bracelet I got to inspect to recreate. :P