Saturday, August 2, 2008

BC Lions VS Allouettes Photos

Last week I announced I was going to attend a BC lions game in Vancouver. Dang! We had a blast!! I couldn't tell you to much about the actual game because honestly I'm not a sports person and I was more interested in the hype and drama of the crowd than the actual game itself. I decided to post a few pics for y'all.

Here is a shot of some of the cheerleaders doing a cheer with the BC lions mascot!
There was always something fun going on for the crowd. One thing they did was have a beach ball that was passed around. At one point BF's friend, the birthday boy, caught the ball. He threw it up in the air and spiked it like a volleyball. He must have hit it pretty hard as it landed right on the field. Next thing I knew we were being boo'd by 30,000 people. Oops!
We weren't the only drama going on though. There was a lot of security action in our section. This guy was taken out for drunken rowdiness. He stood up and accidentally dropped a cup of beer right on his GF's head which bounced off and soaked the people sitting around him. As he left he boo'd the section we sat in as we sang

"Na Na Na Na.. Na Na Na Na.. Hey Hey Hey.. Good-bye"

There was a lot of friction going on, but this guy was the funniest for sure!

As I said before there was always something fun going on . This guy is paid to go around hyping up the crowd by screaming and pounding on this drum.

At one point "the wave" started and went around the entire stadium about 7 times. It was a blast. I videotaped it going by.
BF was sad his team lost out at the last second but not too sad because we were all smiling ear to ear and the entire evening was a success. Thanks BF!!

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