Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Master Plan Planning

Tonight we're off for wings at a local pub. Its been quite some time since we've gone. After a year of wing nights the novelty kind of wore off. BF still makes wings at home on that night though and they are great. Cheap too. We may not save on the wings when we do this but we do save on drinks :p

We're meeting up with a wing regular and one of our best friends to plan our game plan for the BC Lions vs The Montreal Alouettes that we are attending with some other friends in Vancouver on Friday night. I don't know anything about football but I'm excited to go. I'm more about the overall experience then the game, lol.

My BF and my friend have been saying for one year now that the next time the Alouettes came to BC that they would be there. Of course they are both rooting for opposite teams so this should be interesting. My friend has been probing me for info about what team colors I'll be supporting. The home team or the married life team, lol. My heart is torn... do I do like my friend and my home team or do I cross the fence and support my guy and his French Canadian pride? Oh, who cares I just wanna go there and get caught up in all the hype.

I managed to get off work 45 minutes early (it was all I could get) so that I can leave at 2:45pm. Its going to be close. We have to catch the 3:10 ferry to make it there on time and they stop selling tickets for walk ons 10 minutes before sailing. EEEP! We better make good time with driving and parking!


Arual said...

You are going to have such a blast on Friday!

Nathaniel said...

He wants you to pick a colour, eh? Well all those team colours clash. I'm gonna root for the concession stand! GOOOOOO JUNK FOOD!

Dolly Iris said...

Arual - Woohoo!!!

Nathaniel - No, my friend does. Not you, the other friend. Are you saving up for the concession? $$$ LOL