Saturday, August 30, 2008

Baking was Fun

We made three batches of banana bread yesterday. Yes, I wrote banana bread. My mom had not received her zucchini yet so she thawed out a huge bunch of bananas. Once I made the first double batch I flew through the next two.

Then we were supposed to come home and get ready to go but we ended up drinking and playing Dr.Mario and Family Feud against each other on the NES. Then I remember BF saying he wanted to watch a movie in bed with me but I guess I didn't make it that far because he did watch one but I have no idea which one because I was out like a light!

It sounds like I'll be baking zucchini bread some time later in the week or next weekend.

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Canadian Saver said...

Both banana and zucchini bread are awesome! I never throw out overripe bananas, they can always be used later... (I have a friend who throws out the overripe ones and goes to the store to buy the reduced-for-quick sale ones when she wants to make banana bread or muffins... I don't get it!!)

Hope you have fun camping!