Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Exciting News!!

Since I've been in such good spirits lately I've decided to go ahead and set up another savings account with ING Direct for my Australia fund. I don't have much to put in it right now so I did the minimum transfer of $10 to get it started. Yahoo!!!!!

You may have noticed the tiny change on my side bar indicating the first small step to making this trip a reality. I am so happy about this!

It was SO easy!! I was able to do it online all by myself within two minutes. I called in to make sure I had done it correctly, which I had, so now I feel confident I could set up others if I liked no problem.

If you are thinking of opening an online savings account with ING Direct please consider using my link on the right to earn both you and myself $13 with a minimum start up deposit of $100. This offer is good for Canadians only. If you are an American leave me a comment and I'll direct you to a friend with an American link.


Canadian Saver said...

Congratulations for opening up a different savings account just for Australia :-) It'll be fun to see your deposits make the balance grow and the interest added on each month.

I've got the maximum amount of different savings accounts at ING, 5, and I try to fund each once a month at least. If not, there's always a few cents of interest added.

Dolly Iris said...

Hey, thanks! I was wondering how many accounts they let you open as I was thinking of adding a few more. Maybe a home down payment account, wedding, stuff like that.

Doctor S said...

ING Automatic Saavings is the wayyyy to go! I could really go for a Foster's right now!