Sunday, August 10, 2008

It feels good to be ready to go

Ahhh. Sunday is here and I have everything done. We cleaned the whole house yesterday and by cleaned I mean scrubbed. It's so nice when all the house chores are done.

I already have the sauce started in the crock pot. Yesterday we picked up all the snacks and things while we were out and today we just need to pick up a few extra things for the cake I'm making.

We're ready for the birthday except for a gift for my sister. Yes, I took one of her kids the whole weekend and I'm throwing a big dinner today for all of our family but BF and I agreed it would be nice to get a card and maybe a little something to wrap up. I have no idea what to get for her though.. something small and sweet. Hmm....

My niece already made a card for her. It's really cute!