Friday, August 15, 2008

Weekend Plans

Yay for weekends! Oh Friday, I thought you would never come. Ahhh I can't wait to relax.

This weekend I am planning to go to the lake for some overdue camping time. I LOVE camping. I've lived in tents before because I liked it so much. No lie! This year I have not had a chance to go even once so I'm really eager.

We are going with two of my best friends (sisters) and their parents. I love their parents. They are the most fun people in the whole world. I promised my friends mom I would bring some booze for her since they bought us dinner a few weeks ago. Her only response was "gin and don't forget the limes". Alrighty then! Gin, tonic and lime all weekend!

I've done up some posts that will automatically post for Saturday and Sunday since its one of my goals to post at least once a week this month!

Everyone enjoy your weekend, I will! :D

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Canadian Saver said...

It sounds like an awesome weekend!! Have fun :-)