Friday, August 15, 2008

PAYDAY!!!! How I love thee!

Yes, it is finally here. The day you wait 13 days for each pay period. Too bad it all gets allotted to things so quickly. This cheque is kind of fun though because I will get to do a few things with it that will get my monthly goals started!

1) EFund goal for this month will be completed!
2) All bills will now be up to date!

Fabulous isn't it?

It turns out that this month is a three payday month at my job. Since I just started awhile ago I will get two and a half cheques to help out. Next cheque I will be able to reach my goal for paying down my student loan, my goal for BF's birthday fund and I'll see about getting something into that Australia fund too. I am so relieved to have money coming in again, even if its not much.

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Doctor S said...

Payday is amazing. It is odd how the Monday after the previous payday, I am already looking towards the next pay day which is more than 10 days away. I used to get paid weekly at an old job in college. It was amazing.