Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Worried about my 2008 goals :(

This morning it kicked me in face. I haven't been thinking about my 2008 goals. Well thats not really true I think about that sort of thing all the time. I guess I just haven't noticed how fast this year has gone by. It's the end of August already and it appears I will only be able to complete one of two goals.

My two biggest goals for 2008 were to:

A) Start my retirement savings

B) Pay off my student loan debt

I just cannot afford to do both on this wage. This year has been so rocky financially. It's got me already worried about saving enough for Australia, retirement and other things next year. I feel pretty behind and I need to take action quick!

I really wanted to get a secured credit card in the next few months because you have to have it one full year before they return your deposit and viola you have a credit card again. The reason this is important to me is I want to have it for an emergency during our year long trip. Not as back up money but in case I need to book a flight or something that requires the use of a CC. I just don't have the $500 to do it right now.

I have 4 months left until the end of the year. I'm not going to be able to pay off my debt by the time of my birthday in October but I'm still hoping to finish it off by the end of the year!! So its going to be about $500 a month. Wow, its going to be more than a squeeze on my income. I think I'm not going to have an option regarding looking for a new job and maybe possibly a second job for a few shifts a week. :(


Arual said...

Getting a second job can be hard. I know there are nights after work when I would rather go home and watch tv, or hang with my boyfriend, or work on my schoolwork. But the extra money is nice and although there is some sacrifice in giving up a life and sleep, I like seeing how much of a difference those couple of shifts a week make in my income. And it's not forever.

Doctor S said...

I got a second job going on and it makes life tough. As far as your goals, not to fret, goals are set to give you something to measure against, if you do not make it then you revaluate for the next period and learn from the previous projections that you made. Its all about learning from past decisions! I missed pretty much all of my goals for August and the month isnt even done yet!!