Thursday, August 7, 2008

Things that make Dolly smile at Work

Today I was thinking about the happy things I encounter at my new job

  • When the boss turned off the radio (sign of an announcement coming) and asked for a tally of who wanted an Iced Capp. I don't drink those but the thought was nice
  • When I asked my boss today if she considered me seasonal (I wanted to request vacation days on mine and BF's birthdays) she said of course not. She said if I was to leave it would be because I quit, not because she fired me.
  • Even though we work as individuals we're all a big team and everyone helps each other.
  • It really feels like my bosses are the parents and we are a big happy family of foster kids. Some people are kinda annoying but we all get along and nobody makes fun of anyone unless its just light teasing.
  • I conquered my fear of using the pallet driver finally and people noticed! I had two comments in a row. First from my boss who said "hey, you are getting pretty good with that thing" after watching me use it. Then almost immediately after another coworker said "You know, I have to admit when you first started using that thing I watched you simply for amusement. Then I watched you to make sure you didn't need any help. Now I don't even watch you. You're doing great." This made me beam because this was a BIG obstacle for me at work and now I'm over it.
I thought up a whole list while I was working today and it felt good. I probably didn't remember them all just now but that's okay. I am happy there, the money could be better but for now I'm just happy to be somewhere that I'm treated well and feel good when I'm there. It's 100% stress free!

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Arual said...

This post made me smile at work :)I am happy that things are feeling great for you. And the money will work itself out :)