Monday, August 11, 2008

$50 in the BF Birthday Fund

Yesterday I received $50 cash during my sisters birthday party. First $20 from my mom to pitch in for all the food and decorations as her hand is broken and she felt bad for not being able to help out. I'm kind of getting used to doing a lot of the family events by myself and having people pitch in $ instead. Good thing BF is such an amazing help for these things. Usually my mom contributes but with a broken hand I didn't expect her to, lol.

The other $30 came from my brother! Yay, now he's down to only owing me another $20 bucks. It's taken a long while but finally he's paying it down. I'm really happy about this. I never said anything to him about it before or while he was at my place because I think its tacky and would make him uncomfortable at a family event. I was delighted!

So I took the cash and stored it aside in a little hiding spot to go towards BF's birthday fund.

50/600 achieved!

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