Saturday, August 23, 2008

Thank YOU For Your Support

Reading my post from yesterday I realize I shouldn't type up posts when I'm feeling emotional. I ended up not having to take the kids yesterday so BF and I made some Nachos and watched the movie 21. Then I called up my mom and told I would come over and visit to give her a hand with my niece.

When I got there my mom said she had called the hospital and talked to my sister and her nurses who in turn talked to her boyfriend about the provided daycare services. My sister told her boyfriend that he was taking advantage and burning out the family as well as himself. So she told him to set it up right away as we know she will be in the hospital for at least a month and so expecting us to take their kids every day is ridiculous.

He was really upset about it. I know they had fights about other stuff as well. He's been spending like mad since she's been in the hospital and it sounds like its her EFund. Since she is in the hospital there is nobody making money. She told him to stop spending her money, get a job and get some daycare. My mom talked to her afterward and told her that when her boyfriend gets a job any daycare time that wont cover him working and visiting her that we will help out but that we appreciate the break.

I snuggled with my niece last night and she opened up to me a lot. She's only 6 going on seven but the things that came out of her mouth is scary. She has obviously heard a lot of things from either being up at the hospital or from adults talking when little ears are around. I tried to calm her fears by letting her talk when she wanted to and giving her little talks in between. She's really missing her mom. It broke my heart and brought me back to reality. I love my sister and her children.

So I'm going to continue to do what I can and hope that together we can all work this out so its not draining on everyone. I think once the daycare is set up and her boyfriend can get a job things will be better. I feel bad about my rant but it was an honest moment in a time of weakness. So now I'm off to try and get some laundry and things done around here that have been low on my priority list since all this has happened.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend!


LeighAnn said...

Oh, man....I'm so sorry. I SO know how you feel. It's so hard when we put everyone else's problems and things on our shoulders. The weight can be overwhelming.

Just know that it will pass and things will change. Everything works a certain way for a reason.

Whenever I feel that way, I just go outside and find some clouds. You cannot NOT take a deep breath when you are looking at a cloud. I swear it works.

Thinking of ya!

Shevy said...

Dolly, I'm sorry to hear that things are so tough right now.

I certainly know that tired feeling. I normally work a little more than 1/2 time and watch my Dear Child and 2 granddaughters the rest of the time during weekdays with most weekends "off" (that is, only having my own kidlet). When I work my Eldest Daughter or Hubby or son-in-law have the girls.

This month I'm working full time for 3 weeks, plus Eldest Daughter has been out of town or otherwise working every weekend for weeks now. Since son-in-law is off during the week and works weekends, guess what that means?

I love the girls but I'm a fair bit older than you (I'm hitting a milestone birthday on Labour Day). Little kids are tiring. Very tiring.

I sometimes sit down to write an article late at night and fall asleep at the computer! A couple of hours later I'll wake up enough to hit "post" and turn the laptop off, shove it off the bed and crawl under the covers.

Obviously you want to be there as much as possible for your sister, who is clearly unwell and a matter of concern for her young children. But the issue with the BF seems to be a problem. He needs to arrange the daycare, get a job and stop spending your sister's emergency fund! Does "grow up" pretty much cover it all for him?

Canadian Saver said...

I'm hoping things get back to normal as soon as possible. I'm sure the kids love spending time with you, but they'll also do great in daycare. I hope your sister feels better soon too!