Wednesday, August 13, 2008

What's Cooking Wednesday!!! - Frozen Treats

It's been hot here on the West Coast lately. It's time to save some dough on frozen treats. If you don't already have one I'd suggest picking up some Popsicle molds. They come in all different shapes and sizes now. I'll bet you can pick some up at the dollar store. Just pour in your favorite juice with some fruit chunks and you've got yourself a frozen treat!

If you have a juicer at home you could take this one step forward and make your own juice so you would know for sure that you're consuming 100% pure fruit content. This is a fun project you can do with your kids if you have them. If not you could maybe add a little extra fun, as in alcohol, to kick things up a notch. Not to much though as we still want them to freeze people!

Try surfing the net and you can find all sorts of delicious recipes. I saw a lot of fun ones including some for rootbeer (YUM) and even beer itself. So dust off your molds and beat the heat with this yummy frozen treat!! :D

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Arual said...

I like that star mold one....I was in safeway the other day and found monster ice cream sandwich molds. It took all my power to not impulsively purchase that!