Wednesday, August 6, 2008

What's Cooking Wednesday!!! - A Natural Clean

This What's Cooking Wednesday I've decided that while its fun to try out new recipes and have a blast in the kitchen, there is always the big clean up at the end. With that said I've decided to feature natural home cleaning alternative links for this weeks installment.

BF and I are pretty big on doing our part for the environment. We both are employed by companies that take environmental issues very seriously which is a win win situation for us and the beautiful planet earth we all call home. I decided to do some looking around for links for the best homemade house cleaners. This way you are not using toxic chemicals that are nasty for mother earth. Also, I don't like to breathe in any of this crap.

The number one best part about this post is most, if not all, of these cleaning solutions can be made from things you already have on hand in your home which means ... saving $$$$. So here are the 5 best looking links I found. There is a lot of repeat information but I figure people will just pick out what they are interested in anyways.

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