Friday, August 29, 2008

Friday I love You

Yay! I can't believe Friday finally made its way here. I'm so grateful for the long weekend. BF and I have plans to go camping in Cumberland. I don't remember visiting there before, maybe just driving through so I'm up for an adventure.

BF set up a campsite reservation for Saturday night. We are only going one night as we are helping my mom bake tonight (she has a broken hand and a lot of zucchini) and we want Monday to relax and catch up on some things around the home.

This is something I've been waiting all month for so I'm pretty stoked! Let's just hope the weather holds up! ;-)

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Arual said...

Yummy!! Baking with zucchini. I made some zucchini muffins last week and they were the best thing in my lunch box :) If I was still in school, all the kids would want to trade me snacks. Have fun baking, have a blast camping and thanks for your inspiring message. :)