Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A Scary Look at My Pay Stub

Today I got my pay stub for this coming Friday's pay day and ouch! I'm not upset that I missed that day because I really needed it but boy did it affect my cheque in a way I didn't like.

The good news is it was somebody's bday so we all had ice cream from DQ on our last break. When I got home there was a call for a job but it was too late to call them back.

I'm kind of torn. I don't mind my job but there are still some things that bother me about it. I have to consider some other facts too.

1) The pay is bad

2) The bonus structure is a joke!

3) The person I carpool with is going to retrain for a different type of job with another company after the summer season is over (October probably) which means I'm hooped for a ride.

4) It's way too hard on my body. I'm having major pains in my back and in my wrists and hands. I have to go see my physician soon regarding some of these things.

If I left this job I would miss the people though. Ugh! Don't you hate that? When the job and pay suck but the people are so darn lovable?!


Elisabeth said...

Ah, but what's worse - a job with people you love and terrible pay, or people you hate and great pay!?

Doctor S said...

I hate looking at my pay stubs because it sucks to see how much taxes they take out. All that money that you worked hard for that the government somehow uses so intelligently.

Elisabeth--- I think most people in this world really do not have a job that they truly love. I am sure people would take little pay to do something that they love, but many times that won't pay the bills. If I didnt have al my debt I would do what I love, but for the time being I am going to have to be happy with a decent paying job that I do not enjoy!

Fabulously Broke said...

Honestly, I'd like a job with people I love and worse pay, but there MUST be an in between answer

But at your new job, I cannot imagine you not getting along with your new co workers. I know you're worried and it's a big change but you have to do what makes you feel better - personally.

Cannot sacrifice one for the other. Need a balance.