Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sorry so slow on the Updates

I would update you guys on all my goals right now but this is a post I wrote Saturday before I left and scheduled for today. I just want to remind everyone to enjoy today and remember.... we get a whole day off tomorrow too!! Yay for long weekends!

I hope everyone is enjoying themselves! I'll update my numbers and goals for the month when I return :D


Canadian Saver said...

No worries Dolly, it seems to be a bit slower in blogsphere these days. I am sure after the long weekend, we'll all be back on track, 100%!

Can't wait to hear about the camping !!

Elisabeth said...

I too have noticed the decline in frequent blogging so don't feel guilty about it!

Ginger said...

Hey Dolly,

Maybe this will inspire you to write more? ;)

I'm happy to present you with the I *heart* Your Blog Award!