Friday, August 29, 2008


So yesterday I went to my interview and I got along with the manager of production really, really well. We are very similar people! It went so well that she asked if I could stay for a second interview. I guess they want to make sure you are the right person all around instead of just going off one persons' opinion so two different people interview you.

The second interview went well too but by that time (1 hour and a half in) my brain was getting tired. I'm not used to using it so much lately. Hahaha. She said they would call my references in the morning.

I got calls from two of my references this morning saying they gave me glowing references and so I should have no problem getting the job. There's just a few little problems.

1) The pay is .60 cents less than what I make now. I won't have to carpool anymore which will save my $60 a month but still....

2) I really love my coworkers I have now and we had such an amazing day today. I will miss them sooooooooo much if I go.

The upside to the job is I also get a store discount both at the store I would be working at and at Bed and Bath. The people there seem to be really good too. It's a second hand store so I would get to see all the fun stuff going through and on my breaks I guess I would shop around (maybe not so good $$ ;-0 ).

I also like the fact that I'm helping stuff stay out of the landfills. BF and I are very environmentally aware and almost all of our furniture is second hand. Well now that I think about it everything is except our mattress, bed frame and pantry cupboard we bought. Damn, we are good!

They haven't called me yet to say that I've got the job but I don't know why I wouldn't. We'll see how it goes. I told them if they give me the job I would like to give my current boss at least one weeks notice.


ASHLEY said...

that's so awesome that your interviews went well! i understand that it's hard to leave your current job, but if it's what you need then you're making the right choice. good luck!

Fabulously Broke said...

I think you're making the right choice. Having a good environment to work in is key, but if the job itself sucks.... no need to stay. You can make friends elsewhere too honey